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More Than Sleep Episode 29: What Breastfeeding Struggles Can Tongue Ties Cause?

Welcome to More Than Sleep Show With The Mama Coach!

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Welcome to our  “More than Sleep” show!

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

What Breastfeeding Struggles Can Tongue Ties Cause?

Today I really wanted to talk about tongue ties and the potential breastfeeding issues they could cause. 

If you’re finding breastfeeding painful, that is a huge indicator that your baby’s latch isn’t proper. If it hurts, it’s not right. Remember it’s completely normal for it to feel different- you’ve never used your breasts in this capacity before! But it shouldn’t feel razor-blade sharp. 

If you experience this type of pain, take your baby off the breast by putting your pinky finger in their mouth. Try to get a deeper latch. If it still hurts, I would suggest having your practitioner look in your babe’s mouth to rule out tongue tie.

Tongue ties vary, and some are more obvious than others. Often times mamas will experience no pain but there could be other issues that may arise: 

  • No weight gain 
  • Low Breastmilk Supply 
  • Baby is dropping off his/her growth curve 
  • Crying at the breast or in between feeds 
  • Less wet and dirty diapers 

These are all signs of an underlying issue that need to be investigated further.


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