More Than Sleep Episode 28: Tips to Help Your Toddler Sleep Later in The Morning

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Tips to Help Your Toddler Sleep Later in The Morning

Today I want to talk about early mornings. As it gets lighter earlier with Summer just around the corner, you may have found that this has shifted our children’s sleeping habits- if we let them.  They’ll want to go to bed later, then be overtired and end up waking up earlier. 

I’m going to share with you a few tips you can try to help your little ones sleep in later in the morning. 

Let’s look at the environment first: 

If your little one’s room is light they will wake up early- It’s science. I even made the mistake last night of leaving my blinds open! As the sun fills the room, even though your eyes are closed, it still seeps in and causes a melatonin drop which makes you wake up!  Same thing goes for your kids!

So how do you combat this issue? 

Get anything that will cover the window and make the room as dark as possible- be it garbage bags or blackout drapes, whatever works! 

Second, let’s look at your child’s 24 hour sleep cup

Depending on how old your little one is, you need to think about their sleep needs in that 24 cup. If they’re crushing a 3 hour nap, their cup is a 1/4 way full and they’ll have met their sleep needs potentially by 5 am! You’ll have to decide whether you like the nap or early mornings more. It’s usually one or the other. If your child is an early riser, it may mean that you may need to drop their nap (and I am not talking about an 18 month old here).  The average age to drop the nap is around 3, although sometimes it can be as early as 2.5 years old, or perhaps later than 3 if it’s not impacting their sleep at all! Don’t drop the nap until it is affecting their sleep. 

For more information this topic check out this article: 

5 Tips to Managing Early Mornings With Your Toddler


We’re here to help. If you need help with your little one’s sleep reach out to a Mama Coach in your area for support. You got this mama! 

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