More Than Sleep Episode 27: Different Types of Breastmilk Could Affect Why Your Baby is Waking Frequently

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Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Foremilk vs. Hindmilk.. this could be the one of the reasons your baby is frequently waking
There seems to be lots of confusion around this topic. Today I wanted to talk about how the different types of breastmilk could be affecting your baby’s sleep.

So what is Foremilk and Hindmilk?

Your breasts only make 1 type of milk, which naturally, is breastmilk. As your feed progresses however, the fat content at the end of the feed is higher than at the beginning of the feed- this type of breastmilk is the hindmilk. This is something that is gradual. Think of it as turning on hot water- it’s not hot right away, it gradually goes from cold to hot. Foremilk is the cold water and hindmilk is the hot water in this scenario.

What are the Benefits of Hindmilk?

  • Hindmilk is higher in fat
  • It sticks to your baby’s bones longer than just foremilk which leaves the feeling fuller for a longer period of time

How do I know if my Baby is Getting Hindmilk?

If you are a time watcher (15 minutes of feeding on one breast before switching to the other breast for 15 minutes) This could be a problem as you might be switching your baby to the other breast before they reach the hindmilk. This is where we run into possible sleep issues. Because your babe only had foremilk, he or she is not satisfied for as long as they could be with the higher fat content breastmilk. For more information tune in to the podcast! You can also find more information on this in the article below!
If you’re still having issues with your babe’s sleep or breastfeeding, we’re here to help mama! Reach out to a Mama Coach in your area or virtually for support.

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