More Than Sleep Episode 20: How to Wean Off a Nipple Shield

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How to Wean Off a Nipple Shield

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Let’s get right into it! 

There are so many reasons why mamas use a nipple shield! But there are a few reasons you might eventually want phase it out- whether it’s decreased milk supply, or simply just trying to remember it in the middle of the night, you are ready to either reduce how often you use it, or wean your babe off of it completely. 

This is usually not an overnight thing- it’s going to take some time to wean your little one off the nipple shield and it’s going to be a transition period for her. Your babe will have to learn how to suck directly on your breast and nipple. 

How to Wean Her Off: 

Step 1: Be Patient! 

Remember that it’s a process and that’s okay! 

Step 2: Don’t Fight With Your Baby About it 

Babies are perceptive- If you get frustrated because she will not take the breast, your little one will sense that something is off and it will not go well! Try not to stress and if your babe is fighting you on it, give the nipple shield back and try again. 

Step 3: Timing

Don’t try to wean your babe off the nipple shield when she is starving! Instead, try starting the feed with the nipple shield and once she’s drowsy, try taking it off. 


Step 4: Do This at Night Time 

Babies feed for many different reasons at night, it’s not just the hunger, it could also be comfort or maybe they need help going from one sleep cycle to the next. This is a good time to try and wean them off.



We’re here to help! Reach out to a Mama Coach in your area for support. 

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