More Than Sleep Episode 12: Managing Nightmares With Your Toddlers

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Managing nightmares with your toddlers.

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As your babes grow into toddlers, their imagination is also growing and nightmares can become a common occurrence. If your toddler is having nightmares at night how should you react?

The most important thing is to try not to fuel the fire of the nightmare. Don’t ask questions about the nightmare or engage in conversation about whatever it is your toddler is scared of. When you do that, you are confirming that monsters are real.

Instead, try to bring it back to reality.

If your child is having a nightmare make sure to go into their room and make them feel safe. Try saying something like “You’re safe here, this is our house and mommy loves you.” You can also try sitting with them until they fall back asleep.  For more examples on how you can help your toddler with nightmares tune in to the podcast or head to the article below!

How to Deal with Nightmares with Your Toddlers 

If you need any help dealing with your toddler and nightmares, we can help in person and virtually. You can find a Mama Coach here. 


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