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More Than Sleep Episode 11: Asymmetrical Latches Explained

Welcome to More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach! This is a no judgement zone where we cover all things motherhood. From Pregnancy to breastfeeding, sleep and everything in between- we’re here for support!

Today on More Than Sleep With The Mama Coach:

Asymmetrical Latches Explained

Welcome to our  “More than Sleep” show!

I want you all to know this is a safe space- ask me anything and lets talk about all things motherhood.

You can find us Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 am MST. Maybe the baby is sleeping? Tune in.. and tune in if he’s not and maybe we can help!

Your nipple is not a BULLSEYE! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about asymmetrical latches! 

Did you know that you actually don’t feed with your nipple? You feed with your breast- that is why it’s called breastfeeding! Your ducts are situated around your areola, and it order for your babe to feed effectively, he or she needs to get more than your nipple in their mouth! Tune it to today’s podcast to learn how to get your little one to latch!  

Is your latch hurting? Check out this article below! 

What to Do When Your Latch Hurts 


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