Mom Hacks: Time & Sanity Savers

Being a mama of three little people is so fun, but can be crazy too. There are a few things that I have learned along the way, and certain things we do with our kids that work for us and are real time savers. Any time saved equals extra time with your kiddos or for yourself. Here are some quick mom hacks that will make life feel easier:

  • Special dates with each kid. I LOVE doing this. One on one time is so important and the kids love it too. Doesn’t have to be extravagant. An ice cream date is enough to fill their bucket and a little attention goes a long way in making bedtime easier. They aren’t looking for extra attention which equates to less bedtime requests!
  • A Costco card is a MUST! No joke you use a lot wipes and you can’t beat the fruit. Bulk means less trips to the store with kids in tow!
  • The laundry NEVER ends!!!!!!!!! I try and do a load a day to keep on top of it but it seriously is a full time job. Who cares if they pick socks out of the basket to wear cause mama was too tired to put them away. They’re at least clean!


  • I have a new love……it is called, “online grocery shopping”…..seriously!!! Whether is it click and collect at Superstore or Save on foods it’s a game changer and a huge time saver. And no grocery store meltdowns!
  • The secret to success is SNACKS. You literally need snacks EVERYWHERE you go, so stock up your purse, diaper bag, car and stroller. You’ll cringe when your little one asks you for that 6 letter word usually in a drawn out whining tone, but at least you will have something to put in their tiny little hands.
  • I made a personalized Shutterfly note books which I use as their medical journal. This is my way of keeping all their medical details straight (this is the nurse in me!). These contain copies of their health care cards, doctors name and phone number and a pouch for their immunization cards.  I write down any medications that they have been on, or illness they have had. I also include details of any specialist appointments.  It is a great book to keep me organized and to leave as a “just in case” for the babysitter.


  • My Mamaroo Book- I made this binder with compartments that contain all the things that go missing or that I spend hours the night before searching for. My book has my cheques, passports, swimming cards, kid’s labels for school and all our various passes for the Zoo, Heritage Park and the Tree House. This is also where I put their medical journals. It only took me 5 minutes to make and has saved me hours in “searching” time.
  • QT time = QUIET TIME. When our kids gave up that “Oh so precious nap” we transitioned straight into Quiet time (QT). So for an hour and a half  each afternoon they head to their rooms with water and a snack and they play on their own.  They need this time to decompress and it helps with their mood for the rest of the day.  It makes the last couple of hours before dinner and bed more manageable and enjoyable.
  • I am a big believer in ROUTINE. Having 3 kids it is a must.  Kids need routine. Bed time being the most structured routine. Dinner, Bath, Books, Teeth and Bed.  Our girls ask every night what we are doing tomorrow. They love to know what is next.  Of course there are days that the routine alters but for the most part it works for us.  All three go to bed at the same time which means some time for myself to recharge and be ready to take on the next day.
  • As every parent knows time flies by…right?!…it is so hard to keep up with   I try really hard to capture the moments or memories but I don’t have time to journal every day, I am too tired. So, I made books for each kid titled, “the funny things you say” This way, I just write down things that they say and when I read back over them it reminds me of those moments. I also write birthday letters every year- a letter from mommy, which is a little keep sake just for them.
  • I can’t remember where I heard about it, but I loved it as soon as I did. Three piggy banks for EACH kid. One for donation, one for saving and one for spending.  This is what we do with our kids. We want them to know that helping others is important. And by saving money for others and ‘giving’ their money to help others, it helps them understand the gift of giving.


  • Lastly, I have learnt a very important lesson……you are a better parent if you get some “me time”. Having some time away from the kids whether it is to get your hair done or go for a walk is important!!!! You NEED “me time” you DESERVE “me time” and it will make you feel recharged. Trust me!!!!


There are so many things we learn on this journey as a parent.  The list is endless……….What are some of your favourite mom hacks?

Written by Kate Macdonald RN- The Mama Coach Okotoks. Contact Kate here







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