Today’s giveaway is one of my faves and on my list of the must-have postpartum items you need if you are having a baby.

As Mama Coaches, we support women through their breastfeeding journeys from pregnancy to weaning. We talk a lot about a common theme and misconception that leaves mamas feeling overwhelmed and guilty.

Breastfeeding is easy.

That just is not true. 

Breastfeeding is natural.

100% agree. Feeding your baby milk you’ve produced seems pretty natural to us. 

However, for whatever reason, natural and easy get mistaken for the same word often when it comes to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a learned skill by both mom and baby. It is a relationship that takes practice and can come with some big bumps in the road. Lots of these bumps (nipple pain and undersupply) can be resolved by reaching out for quality support from a health professional (who is committed to supporting you, not making you feel stressed and awful!).

One of the most important tools you can have while you work through learning to breastfeed is a high-quality breast pump. A pump allows you to stimulate your breasts and collect milk to give to your baby while your nipples heal (if they are sore), or while your baby gets stronger and gets more efficient and effective at nursing (maybe your baby was premature). 

Building an ample milk supply is highly dependent on frequent stimulation of the breasts in the initial postpartum period. This starts with hand expression for the first day or two, but then a pump is helpful in effectively removing milk and providing awesome stimulation, mimicking your baby.

When you are pumping ensure the flange fits properly (check out our article on how to do this here), and that you are using an electric pump with enough strength to mimic your baby’s suckle. 

We are so excited to be giving away one of Medela’s brand new pumps, the Medela Freestyle Flex. It is compact, but powerful, allowing you to move around while pumping. It weighs less than a pound and can fit in the palm of your hand!


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