Lovey: How and When

When to introduce a lovey

The best time to introduce a lovey is around 4 to 6 months.  There is no longer a startle reflex (Moro) which mean baby can move and find their lovey and do what they need to to settle themselves down.  The key is to start early and let the attachment naturally develop.  After a few months, it will feel like it’s always been there.

Selecting a lovey

The best loveys are not too big and don’t make any sound which means no rattles or scrunchy bits.  You might think that a comfy soft snuggle blanket would be nice I don’t recommend them as we have to ensure safe sleeping for your little one.  We don’t want to get them tangled but the small little “blankies” make an ideal lovey.  Other small stuffed toys work great but watch your little one and follow their cues to allow them to pick out a stuffy they have bonded with.  Look for them to nuzzle, stroke, or hold a stuffy. 

How to create a bond

Make the lovey smell like mama!  Scent is a powerful and soothing tool.  Wear the lovey in your bra or shirt for an hour or so before bedtime and the first few times you give it to baby. 

Keep the lovey for sleepy time

Make the lovey a special comforting stuffy and not just another toy.  Make the lovey part of naptime and bed time in the crib or bassinette.  If you are planning on having baby sleep on the go in either the car or plane make sure to give them the lovey as well to keep it consistent and part of babies sleep routine. 

Give it time

It can take a while for some little ones to create the bond to love their lovey.  It can take a few weeks for your little one to create their special bond and then use the lovey the way that is unique to them.

And most important, have a backup!!

Example of loveys for safe sleeping

JellyCat Bunny  

Too cute and sure to inspire smiles for miles, this Bashful Bunny is the softest, most squeezable character you’ll ever meet. With its silky smooth fur and sweet disposition, expect a lifetime of bedtime snuggles. 100% polyester. Hand wash only. 7” tall

Swaddle Design Baby Lovely Security Blanket 

Swaddle Designs Baby Lovey Security Blanket is a comfy wrap that even retains the scent of the parents.  It measures 14″ W x 14″ L and is 100% Puff Circle Softness with satin blue.  Best part is that it is machine washable.

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