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Love and Resilience— A Story of a Supermom

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I love to write about inspiring women, their motherhood journey, love and resilience. These are the women who you see in the grocery store. Women who wake up every day knowing they are human and strong.

This incredible woman, is Brittany.

August 2017, the tiny superhero and his superwoman mom

Brittany has graciously offered to allow me to write about her son. We have discussed this piece at length because I am adamant that this piece be about community and growth, not fear.  My goal for sharing this story is to exemplify how motherhood is about learning and finding your inner strength, and community is strong. This story is about combatting the mom guilt that we feel about accidents.

This blog is about an amazing little boy who deserves a shout out from the world.

Their journey began on a day like any other day. At the time their family was a family of five with three beautiful children and another on the way. The morning was busy like a day always is with three boys. Brittany ran upstairs for less than two minutes to use the restroom before they were heading out the door. While she was gone her strong and mighty 15 month old toddler climbed on a stool in the downstairs washroom, tried to turn on the tap, fell in the sink and bumped the hot water tap with his elbow. The dishwasher was also on at the time so the water was instantaneously hot which scalded her toddler with 2nd degree, full thickness burns to 30% of his body.

He spent the next 30 days in the hospital, undergoing skin graft and extensive burn rehabilitation— all while Brittany was in her first trimester of pregnancy with their 4th baby and coming back to work as an RN in the same hospital.

Recovering after his skin graft surgery

Brittany states that she was afraid to tell people her story when they were admitted to the hospital. The feeling of embarrassment washed over her when she thinks about taking her eyes off of him. Mom guilt and the fear of being judged clouded her desire to ask for help.

And like a warrior-mom in the making, she realized that accidents are accidents. We can’t put our babies in safety bubbles, and there was so much opportunity to learn from this. So she spoke out and shared her story.

On the mend. Never losing his sweet smile

As news spread about her son, Brittany says their family was blown away by the amount of support they received. They weren’t getting hate mail— they were getting hundreds of messages and emails from moms supporting her. She says within days there was churches all over Canada praying for healing— which was comforting and encouraging for them as they trudged through the worst month of their life. They had food overflowing in their freezer from people they didn’t even know who wanted to contribute. Family uprooted their lives and came to babysit their older boys without any hesitation. People were offering to do laundry, drive their kids to play dates, go grocery shopping. The community around them kept them going!

This is the definition of human strength and resilience. Ths mama lives every day with gratitude for the health and takes the set backs as they come with perspective and understanding.

And goodness, do her babies ever adore her.

Brittany hopes that their story will encourage families to check hot water tanks and ensure the temperature is not set to a high setting. Furthermore, she encourages other moms to know that accidents happen— mom guilt will eat you alive if you let it—- and at the end of the day all that matters is that you love your children.


Living every day to the fullest and camping like a champion!


If you know of an incredible woman with a story to share, I would love to hear from you! Or if you are interested in having The Mama Coach speak to a group, click here to send me a message!

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