Last Minute Ideas to Prep for Baby

There are days it has felt like you have been pregnant forever, and you wondered if you would ever make it to delivery day. You dreamed about holding your beautiful baby in your arms and being free of those challenging pregnancy symptoms.

But all of a sudden you are 37 weeks pregnant and wonder where the time went. It is normal to feel a little panicked and unsure if you are actually ready for your little one. Here are some practical ways to feel prepped and confident about bringing your baby home.


You have been thinking non-stop about how you’re going to breastfeed your baby, but what about yourself? Fuel in the postpartum period is so important! You need healthy, satisfying food to keep yourself energized while you get to know your baby! Did you know you need more calories per day nursing than you do when you were pregnant? Prep some easy freezer meals for yourself- something you can take out of the freezer and into your crockpot or straight to the oven will eliminate the step many moms don’t have time for as they are getting to know their baby! Treat yourself to a new water bottle to keep at your bedside. Staying hydrated is important for building a great milk supply.

Install the car seat

Don’t leave this for the day you are bringing your bundle home, or it can delay your discharge. Ashley remembers waiting for 3 hours when her husband ran home to install the seat before coming to pick them up. “My husband clearly underestimated the complexity of installing it correctly- I was waiting and waiting! The postpartum unit needed my bed for another mom and I was so tired and frustrated by the time he made it back”. Take the pressure off by installing it early; each car seat has a big set of instructions and it is so important it is installed correctly so your little one is safe and sound.

Set up your diaper station and feeding station

Your baby probably has his nursery ready. It is Pinterest-worthy! However, he or she will be spending the majority of his time with you. There is no better place to recover from birth than in your room, and if you have a cesarean, stairs can be challenging. If you have a bassinet in your bedroom and intend to have your baby sleep there, set up a diaper station in your room to save your steps. Secure the changing pad temporarily to your dresser and add wipes, diaper cream, diapers, and some sleepers in a tote to keep at your bedside. Also, bring your nursing supplies to your bedroom – nipple cream, your pump, and a nursing pillow will save you time and energy when you bring him home.

Do the laundry

Nothing helps build the anticipation of your upcoming birth than washing and folding tiny baby clothes! Prepping your baby’s and your own clothes for birth is a key step for feeling ready for birth. The very last thing you want to be doing the day you bring your baby home is laundry. Have a few days’ worth of comfortable clothing, nursing tanks, and pajama bottoms ready for birth. The very last thing you want to be doing the day you bring your baby home is laundry. Have a few days’ worths of comfortable clothing, nursing tanks, and pajama bottoms ready for yourself when you come home. Dress for comfort and for ease in that immediate postpartum period. You will be learning to feed your baby and easy access will make it so much easier!

It feels good to know you are ready for your baby before they arrive. Check these off your list in-between resting in your last few weeks! Some call it prepping, and some call it nesting!

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