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It’s Getting Easier

2017, I saw the light!

Christmas is done and the New Year is well under way. I am back from a much-needed little getaway with my family. Joined by my sister and her gang, we had a blast in Fairmont. We just love that place – the skiing, the hot springs, the townhouse minutes from the perfect little hill. Our 6 year old, Prentiss, has conquered the T-bar. She and her cousin, Scarlett, go non-stop all day. Our 4 year old, Vaida, is now comfortable on her skis and has a perma-grin! Sweetest one around, I swear! And our 2 year old, Marah, just keeps asking, “I go skiing Mommy?” Soon little lady, soon.

Looking back, 2017 was a great year! If you think it’s never going to get easier with your little ones, believe me, it will. 2017 was the year I started believing this myself. Our baby turned 2 this summer, (yes, we still call her the baby), and our whole world turned around. We had so much fun camping, boating and finding adventures with friends and family.

There were many days when we just enjoyed our yard and garden. The girls are learning so much about gardening – and bugs and dirt! Honestly, nothing tops off an evening like a glass of wine on the deck! It’s become our perfect date night complete with our dog, Lacy, licking the sweat off our toes. So gross, but we laugh every time.

Fairmont, BC. The perfect hill for kids to learn! Our muscles are sore, but our hearts are full!

There will always be “those days”…

As usual, there are a few things I am happy to wave good-bye to in 2017. Like being stranded on the top of a mountain in +40 degrees with no cell service – thank you Shawn for getting the truck going again. I was envisioning the three girls and I strapped into some tow truck to get off the side of the road. Gross! And having my vehicle break down at midnight on the way home from a 16 hour shift when it’s -40. Eek! Husband to the rescue again – love that man! Only to have our water to the house freeze off the next morning. Happy New Years Eve to us? For me, 2017 was the year things became easier for my family. Maybe it wasn’t the same for you – yet. It can be annoying and frustrating to hear “things will get easier” when you are in the thick of seriously draining times. I do understand. I have felt like I am drowning so many times. Countless actually. Today I feel like my head is above water, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Moving Forward…

One thing worth mentioning – don’t look so far ahead. Sometimes looking ahead days or months at a time is too much. There are times when you literally have to take one moment at a time. That sleepless night will end. Tomorrow is a new day. That tempter tantrum will finish. Tomorrow, that horrible day will be yesterday. Be kind to yourself and let tomorrow be a fresh start. Soak in that sun, breathe that fresh air (even if it’s cold) and enjoy our big blue sky. These things helped me. Lastly, in 2017, becoming a Mama Coach was a huge change. I absolutely did not see this coming and I couldn’t be more excited. I am passionate about this, and look forward to connecting with so many moms. I believe in this right down to my soul! I am here to listen if you need to reach out. 2018, here we come!

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