Induction: Reasons One May be Scheduled

As soon as you found out you were having a baby you probably started imagining how the labour and delivery would go. When would the baby come? Would labour hurt? What do I want my labour to look like? What if there are complications? 

One scenario for labour is a labour induction. When your labour is induced, medication or other methods are used to start (induce) labour. Inducing labour is recommended when your care provider believes delivering your baby will improve your or your baby’s health. One is five labours are induced according to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), so it’s actually a fairly common way to give birth. 

There are several reasons your labour may be inducted. The most common include: 

  • Your pregnancy is 10 days past your due date 
  • Your water has broken but labour has not started on its own 
  • You have health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure or other serious conditions 
  • Your baby is not growing at the expected rate 
  • The level of fluid around the baby is too high or too low 

There can be other reasons labour is induced based on specific mother and baby dynamics and health issues. Those should all be an ongoing discussion between you and your health care provider. If the induction is scheduled due to a concern with the mom or baby’s health it will usually be scheduled between 36-39 weeks. If you are past your due date the recommendation is to schedule an induction at 10 days after the due date. 

There are also several ways to be inducted and each mom is unique. Talk about it with your care provider. Ask questions, make sure you understand the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. The Mama Coach website has several articles describing the different induction techniques and we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have!

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