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Hello Mamas!

What a wonderful few weeks it has been for The Mama Coach. I’ve been pulling some wicked hours on this computer, trying to show as many moms as possible what I have to offer the world and its paying off! My heart feels happy every time one of you reaches out to me. Asking for help is so brave.

Let me tell you a story.

I am a postpartum depression survivor. I say survivor because that’s how serious this was. I will happily discuss with anyone who asks what kind of journey I went through, and how it took me almost a year to ask for help, and how asking for help was the strongest, bravest, most important thing I ever did for my family. But it brought me to you, so I truly believe every hard day and every sleepless night lead me in your direction; so that I can help moms make life easier.


If you know me personally you know that this is the last place you would typically find me. I don’t sit still very often. I usually say my running is my mediation because it helps me focus on breathing, something I always forget about doing mindfully. But today Modern and Mindful popped up on my Instagram and I decided to try. I let my hesitation go and decided to give this mindfulness thing a try, knowing that actively working on myself is part of being a healthy mom

I have to say, sitting still for 30 minutes is hard. It takes a lot of concentration to focus on breath and quiet your mind. There were many times I had to switch from my to-do list, to the right now. This is a task that’s going to take some practice for me. But I also have to say, I really loved it. I left feeling like there was less rope around my body, and less weight on my shoulders. I shut down my phone, and therefore my brain, for 30 minutes and recognized that I actually could sit down and do self-care in a healthy way, guilt-free.

My goal for my Mama Coach blog is to be as authentic and real as possible. This is the Mama Coach that you’re getting. Someone who has no masks and no fluff.

The instructor had me repeat to myself the “I am” mantra. As a person, I’m not a “mantra” lover, but this one struck a cord.

Here are my “I AM’s” for today, what are yours?
  • I AM STRONG (I said this multiple times because that’s a tough one to believe)
  • I AM A MOM

Thanks for your support, give me a call if I can support you.

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