How to Survive Your Pregnancy with a Toddler

Oh mama! Being pregnant and having a toddler is so different than your first go around. It is exhausting!!! I remember counting down the minutes until it was nap time starting right after breakfast. I couldn’t wait for that break in the day to rest because I was wiped! Hang in there mama! I have a few tips for you on how to survive this pregnancy with your toddler.


Depending on how far apart your little ones are going to be, you may still be blessed with a toddler that still naps.  If so, make sure you optimize this time by resting. Not running around getting things done. Get your feet up, eat, drink some water and rest! Whether you have a nap yourself or binge watch Netflix, you need some downtime when your toddler is asleep! Enjoy it and ditch the guilt.

If your little one is not napping anymore, I would seriously consider starting a new trend called Quiet Time. Downtime for your child to play on their own. Set the Gro clock or a timer, make them a snack and get some rest time in that way. I love making up special bins of toys or crafts which only come out at quiet time to make it exciting for them. 

Ask for help

Most of us are not great at this but when it comes to being pregnant with baby number 2, you need to start! Self-care may have been a term you have heard of but not put into practice as much as you would have liked with your first baby but now it is essential that you make this a priority.  Do something for you, this does not include getting groceries, running errands or going for your baby visits. It is “YOU” time and YOU are important too!

The bonus of pregnancy number two is that you have most if not all the baby gear you will need! My best advice is if your toddler is younger than 3 years old, I would consider purchasing another crib for your new addition. The transition of getting your toddler into a big bed right before baby arrives can be exhausting. A big bed can be exciting and this new freedom can often lead to little feet coming to visit you frequently in the night before and after baby arrives. If your toddler is not trying to climb out of their crib, keep them in the crib as long as possible.

Get organized

I am not just talking about making freezer meals. Make a plan of who will be taking care of your toddler when you go into labour.  Sounds simple but this can be a huge cause of anxiety for some moms and sorting it out will help you feel more prepared. Also, plan after baby. Who will help with your toddler and how often? Having someone on one time with baby is important. As a mom you will likely feel a little sad with the shift in the family dynamic, I know I did.  You will have some time during the day to get that one on one time with your toddler and that will fill your bucket and your toddlers too.

Be kind to yourself

Having two little ones is challenging but it will get easier.  Some days you will feel like you are a Rockstar and others you will feel like you are struggling. Just remember you got this mama!

If you are feeling like you need a refresher of your first prenatal class or want to get a jump start on a breastfeeding issue that you had with your first, reach out and we will be happy to help. As mamas, we know how busy and tired you are with this pregnancy so if you want a weekly reminder of what is happening with your baby, click here to sign up for our free pregnancy series.


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