How to Manage Naps With Baby When You Are on the Go

Whether you have one child or multiple children, one thing is most likely the case….you aren’t always going to be home at nap time. You know what? That is just fine! I am a firm believer that you should never put yourself in “nap-jail”. We need to get out and about, we need to support our families and be present at their activities. That being said, it is great if you are able to stay home for naps too.

Your baby will most likely get a more satisfying sleep at home in her own crib. It is about finding that balance, and what works for your family. For me, with four kiddos age ranging from two to ten, my babes have had to nap on the go! We have multiple things going on from hockey, ball, dance, school functions, birthdays…you get the picture! It is life, and it is crazy and wonderful. There are definitely some ways to make naps easier when you are out and about, here are some tips for napping on the go. 


A big role we play as Mamas is co-ordinating all of the “things”. It is a good idea to optimize your time. If your baby is napping at home in the morning take that time to get yourself prepared for your outing. Have everything ready to go when baby wakes. This is a good strategy if you are looking to not have her fall asleep in the vehicle. Baby will be refreshed from her sleep and ready for the road trip! Another way to use timing in your favour is to plan your baby’s naps around your driving time and during boring or non- stimulating events. Be ready to leave the house when your baby is ready to sleep and give them that chance to nap in their car seat. Bring a stroller, or your favourite baby carrier with you and let her nap through that hockey practice! 


If your baby has a Lovie, bring it with you! She will be comforted by the smell, texture and overall presence of her favourite sleep tool. If your baby has a favourite blanket, bring it, let her snuggle it in her stroller. The smell will remind her of the comforts of home, and hopefully, put her at ease and bring sleep. If baby normally naps in a sleep sack, consider packing it and let baby wear it for a nap in the stroller, depending on the outside temperature. The less disruption to her usual sleep habits, the better. Another great tool to utilize is a portable sound machine. These can help to even out the noise happening around you, and let baby settle and stay sleeping. 


Clearly the environment is going to be ever-changing when you are on the go! If you are going somewhere where you can put baby in a separate room and create a dark, quiet space then consider bringing a Playard, or similar unit for baby to sleep in. If you are able to cover your stroller to darken it and cut out some stimulating sights and sounds, it can be helpful. Ensure the cover is breathable and baby is not getting too hot under.

There are specific stroller and car seat covers on the market for this purpose and may be worth looking into for your naps on the go.

A portable sound machine may be a good investment to help drown out stimulating noises while in the stroller. Your baby’s sleep is important, and naps are an integral part of healthy sleep for your baby. In a perfect world, we could all opt for sacrificing an adult to stay back and let baby nap at home, but this just can’t always happen.

Provide your baby with as many of the comforts of home as you can by bringing her lovie, blanket, or sleep sack. Try to time your outing to make her nap happen as naturally as possible and utilize the amazing products out there to help create that comforting space for your baby to nap anywhere you happen to be.

The SnoozeShade is an excellent way to create this environment. With the SnoozeShade your babe will have a darkened, cozy nook for sleep in while on the go. The cover is perfect for the stroller, car seat, or Playard and is made of breathable, UV protectant material. A product created by a mother, and geared toward allowing your child to have better sleep while out and about. SnoozeShade products are made from an air-permeable mesh, which means air (hot and cold) can easily pass through it. Use the coupon code MAMACOACH20 for a 20% discount at checkout, or use these links: 

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