How to Make Tummy Time Easier

Let’s talk about the dreaded tummy time.  It can be so exciting to see your baby become stronger and develop new skills, but sometimes the process can be tricky!  It is not uncommon for babies to dislike tummy time at all, and it can be challenging as a parent to encourage babies to do activities they aren’t fond of.  While Tummy time isn’t always fun for baby, I can offer some tips and tricks that could help it be more enjoyable for you both!

How to Make Tummy Time Easier
  1. Set yourself up for success.  Babies learn best and are easiest to work with when they are well rested and comfortable.  Choose a time when baby has recently woken up and is ready to play.  30-60 minutes after food is also ideal- that way baby is satisfied but the chance of spit-up is lessened. Shorter sessions throughout the day vs one longer session is also an option.  As baby gets stronger, tummy time gets easier! Try starting with a few minutes at a time 2 or more times a day and work your way up from there. Eventually your baby will be playing for 10-15 minutes on their tummy at a time!
  1. Experiment with different surfaces.  Maybe baby likes the floor because it’s easier to move around. Maybe they prefer the carpet or a play mat.  You can also try an exercise mat if they seem uncomfortable.  Find what works best for your baby- you know them best!  Make sure tummy time is always supervised for safety.
  1. Tummy time on mom or dad.  Try laying on your back and place baby on your abdomen or chest, with your hands on baby.  Chat with your baby, sing songs, make faces, whatever baby likes!  Babies love interacting with their caregivers above all else.  
  1. Use a mirror or favourite toy.  These can be great distractions and help them learn in other ways as well!  Rattly or crinkly toys are often a favourite. Check out the recommended toys for your baby’s age group and where they are at developmentally- these toys don’t have to be expensive.  Often babies are fascinated with simple every-day items.
  1. Lay face to face with baby.  Tummy time is together time!  This is a great opportunity to sing, talk and interact with baby as well.  Great for neck strength as babies love to look at you.

Tummy time is important, but it is an area that many mamas and papas struggle with.  Work on it little by little, and you will see improvement.  I hope these tips and tricks help you on your journey!

Let me give you a piece of encouragement as you find out what works best for your family- guess what?!  Your baby will get stronger, they will learn to roll, and they will learn to crawl!  It’s OKAY if they do or don’t do this as quickly as their playmate.  Keep up the good work!

If you have other questions about your baby and meeting them where they’re at, be sure to reach out to your local Mama Coach. Our goal is to make parenting just a little easier <3.

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