How to Get Your Baby to Nap Better!

Many of you mamas have found yourself at home with your baby for all naps now.. compared to pre-covid-19 when you got out, saw friends, went to baby classes and did a lot of napping on the go!
Now you are home and on the struggle bus with naps.

We can help. One of the biggest things you need to understand to get your baby to nap is her circadian rhythm.

In other words.. awake times.

Putting her down too soon or too late will cause issues- a short nap or too much crying.

We have created a FREE awake time tracker to help you start to see the pattern in your baby.

Download it in our latest article “Social distancing and sleep”. Track your baby’s sleep for three days, but the key is you need to watch your baby for cues.

Put her down when she requires a lot of coaxing and help to stay happy and entertained. This is usually the sweet spot. Mark these times on your tracker and watch the pattern emerge!
If you need more help, we have launched a new service to help you, where we will analyze her patterns as well as her feeding, development and sleep environment (virtually) and build you a plan for better sleep for $99. This includes a 90-minute webinar where we will walk you through it, explain the science of sleep and leave lots of time for questions!

I can’t wait for you to try the tracker! And we can’t wait to see you at our webinars❤️ So much love your way, mamas❤️❤️

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