How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

How much sleep does your baby need? Great question! It’s hard to know how much sleep your baby needs as each child’s sleep requirements are different. The good news is that by following the guidelines below and using some helpful tips you can better identify your babies cues and how much sleep they might be requiring. 


Sleep tips:


  • Get to know and watch for your babies sleepy cues
  • Have your baby sleep in a safe sleep environment 
  • Use positive sleep tools such as a dark room and white noise
  • Keep a sleep diary for one week to track your child’s sleep. This will give you a good picture of what their average day and night sleep is, and then you can work to adjust it if needed
  • Keep track of awake times and try to be consistent with routines (nap/bedtime routines). As your baby gets older their day time awake hours will increase and they will have longer stretches of sleep at night
  • Do some research about what your babies 24hr sleep needs are as per their own developmental stage, or reach out to a sleep professional


The Canadian Pediatric Society recently released a position statement in April 2019 that address sleep problems, included is this statement: “Research suggests that behavioural sleep problems presenting in infancy persist in at least 20% to 30% of young children, with possible negative impacts on cognition, emotion and function as well as on parental sleep duration and health, and on family function generally…” This emphasizes how important sleep is for your baby, but also for the whole family. If you have questions about sleep and healthy sleep habits reach out for professional support. At The Mama Coach we will assess your families needs and assist you in meeting your sleep goals. It’s time to get that much needed rest for your whole family! 

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