How a Lovie Can Help Your Baby Sleep

What is a lovie?

A lovie is a stuffed animal or blanket that is your baby’s best friend. Think of a lovie as a surrogate you. It is you when you are not around. Most importantly, it is you when your little one wakes up in the middle of the night, and instead of crying out for Mama, looks around, sees his/her stuffy, smells and holds it close to them and falls back to sleep. It also provides comfort to your little one when they are at daycare or when you travel.

A lovie or blanket should be soft and introduced to your baby once he/she is able to roll over. The reason is that if you little one doesn’t have the arm strength to roll over, they also won’t have the strength to push the lovie off of them. It also shouldn’t have eyes or buttons your little one can chew off. There should be nothing on the lovie that your baby could choke on.

However, once your little one is rolling over, this is the perfect time to introduce a lovie. As I mentioned above, the idea for introducing a love is that this will become your little one’s best friend and will help him/her fall asleep and stay asleep. Also please make sure that you don’t lose it. You may want to invest in a few of them, just in case.

How do you introduce a lovie?

The best time to introduce a lovie to your baby is when he/she is feeding. Pick a soft plush animal or blanket, rub it on your chest (it will smell like you and comfort your baby) and then while your baby is feeding have it near them. Then afterwards give it a name and really play up the lovie. You want your baby to fall in love with this lovie and have it become his/her best friend, so that when you aren’t around like in the middle of the night or at naps, he/she will be comforted by it.

Have the lovie around all the time. When your baby is playing, have the lovie play with them. When they are eating, have the lovie beside them. Whenever possible, have the lovie with your baby. It will help your baby develop a bond with it.


A lovie can be a stuffed animal or a blanket. It can be anything you think your baby will get attached to. Either one of these mentioned above would make a great lovie. Please ensure that before introducing a lovie to your baby that he/she is rolling over independently. If they are unable to roll over, then please wait, otherwise there is an increased risk for suffocation.

Anything to help your little one sleep through the night, in a safe manner, of course. You will see that as your baby grows, he/she will rely on their lovie and it will help improve their ability to put themselves to sleep and to stay asleep.

If you’ve already introduced a lovie and feel like you need more support to help your baby sleep, feel free to reach out to a Mama Coach in your area. If there isn’t one available, we can provide support via Skype. Remember Mamas, you don’t have to do this alone, help is available.



Good luck and wishing you all a good night’s sleep.


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