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It’s incredible how much your baby has changed as they approach their 6-month mark or their half birthday! They’ve gone from a snuggly little newborn to a giggling, almost (if not already) sitting and eating solid foods little person! Today, I’m sharing Half Birthday Ideas with you to help make celebrating a little bit easier for you!

You have accomplished so much as a parent in those first 6 months and so has your little one. So why not celebrate?!
There is a growing trend to celebrating half birthdays and we at The Mama Coach wanted to share some ideas with you that can help get your celebration going!

Half a Birthday Cake

Have your half birthday cake and eat it too! Cake smashes have become such a hit, so why not a half birthday cake smash? Your 6 monther is most likely sitting, or sitting with support, so how cute to document this milestone with a half birthday cake smash. And the other half of the cake? Well, that’s for you sweet mama! And of course, whoever you want to share it with. After all, the half birthday celebration is for your milestones as well. All those sleepless nights, diaper changes and countless feeds deserve to be celebrated!

Milestone Board

Milestone boards are a fantastic way to document all that your half a one-year-old has accomplished! Jot down their height, weight, how many teeth they have and what their favourite songs are. As you continue to use the milestone board with every birthday that passes, it is such a great way to look back and see how far you and that sweet babe of yours have come. And by about 6 months most babes have DOUBLED their birth weight, so seeing that on the board is a true testament to all of your hard work!

Have a Party

Why not get your family and friends together and celebrate all together! This is an especially great idea for winter babies who would never get the chance to be celebrated in those summer months with a barbeque or pool party! Or if you have a summer baby, why not take the opportunity to celebrate their half birthday with a skating party while sipping hot chocolate!

There are so many things that you as a parent can celebrate once your baby turns 6 months. Some of these include:

  • Eating Solids: Up until 6 months, your baby has been breastfed, formula-fed or maybe a bit of both. But the recommendation is to start babes on solids at/around 6 months. Dinners will get a bit messier, but how sweet is it to have dinner alongside your babe?
  • Sleeping Longer: Most babes are sleeping longer stretches by 6 months of age. They are eating more throughout the day, and possibly less at night which leads to long stretches of overnight sleep and they have hopefully learned some self-soothing techniques as well. This is definitely a reason to celebrate!! (If this isn’t the case for you mama, not to fret – reach out to your local Mama Coach for some tips/tricks to help in getting you and your little one sleeping longer)
  • Speech and Motor Skills: That once itty bitty baby, is now sitting on their own, or with minimal support and babbling all sorts of “mamas”, “dadas” and “babas”. So celebrate that strong core and that sweet voice!

Before you know it you will be celebrating our baby’s one year birthday. So soak it all in, mama, and celebrate with these Half Birthday Ideas today! Both YOU and that sweet 6-month-old babe of yours!

We are a team of Registered Nurses across North America who use evidence-informed research, and a HUGE dose of empathy with each family we work with. Click here to find a Mama Coach in your area.

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