The Haakaa Pump is by far my favourite breastfeeding accessory!  It was my companion during every nursing session, saving all those precious drops of liquid gold during my let down on the other side.  It saved me from getting my shirt all soaked, it travelled with me everywhere I went.  You’d think I was writing a love story, but truly – the Haakaa pump is an absolute necessity! 

The Haakaa Pump is a one piece silicone breast pump that draws out your milk using suction.

To use it, sterilize it first.  Squeeze the base of the pump, put the top of the pump over your nipple and breast, then let go after the pump suctions to your breast.  If you would like an extra strong suction – fold over the flange of the pump, then squeeze the base of the pump while attaching it to the breast.  With time, you will figure out your preference on how strong you want the suction.

Here are some hacks that you can use with the Haakaa Pump: 

  1. Catching letdown – did you know that when your baby is feeding on one side, the other side leaks milk too?  Instead of all of that milk going to waste, you can save it in a breastmilk bag and store it in the freezer for future use!  It’s simple and easy to use. 
  2. Using a mug to prevent spills – if you have the original or older version of the haakaa, place your haakaa in a mug or a cup after you’ve filled it in order to prevent it from spilling.  The top is heavier in the older versions and you don’t want to be crying over spilled milk!  There are also new accessories that are available which include a stopper or a lid for your haakaa pump.
  3. Clearing a clogged duct – A clogged duct is a blockage of milk inside a milk duct that results in a tender or painful lump or firm area in the breast. The skin around the lump may be red, warm and painful to touch.  You’ll want to address this right away in order to prevent mastitis (an infection in the breast). 

Steps on how to use it: 

  • Fill the haakaa with warm water until it touches your nipple
  • Add 2 tablespoons of unscented epsom salts 
  • Attach the haakaa and let it sit for 10-15 minutes 
  • The nipple should be in the water 
  • Repeat if needed.  Massage the breast and try again to help release the clogged duct. 
  1. Relieve engorgement – if you’re on the go or your baby is sleeping longer than usual and it feels like your breasts are exploding.  Use your haakaa to suction out some milk to relieve the pressure. 
  2. Make it hands free – use a hair tie and loop it around the neck of the haakaa then attach the hair tie to your nursing bra clasp. It will help avoid spills in case it loses suction! 

I believe this is one of the best gifts for a baby shower.  If it’s not on your registry already, you’ll want to add it!  Compared to other pumps, this one is very affordable and no electricity is required.  It may take some practice at first but it is very user friendly so I am sure you will catch on quickly! 

As always, you got this mama!  Reach out to your local mama coach if you have any questions or need support with breastfeeding.  We would love to hear from you.

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