Gift a Mama Coach

Crib, Check! … Diapers & Wipes, Check! … Car seat, Check! … Stroller, Check! … Pile of onesies and cute outfits, Check! Gifts Galore, Double Check! I adore baby showers – I love to celebrate the pregnant mom, the new life soon to arrive and being surrounded by the friends and family of the soon-to-be-mommy! I remember being even more excited when it was my turn to venture into motherhood – I enjoyed creating my registry (albeit with too many items that I thought were absolutely necessary), while dreaming of all the ways to be prepared once my little one arrived. Now as a mom myself, I know firsthand the items I could have done without, and the list is long! Read on to find out why you should Gift a Mama Coach!

Gift a Mama Coach

How many outfits and baby products do we receive, only to find out we have way too much stuff? Trust me, I am a sucker for the tiny and adorable newborn outfits and accessories – but let’s be real, we get a very small window of opportunity to use them, then poof – the baby has outgrown them. Plus, if you are like me – I found I never had the energy to actually dress my daughter up while I was attempting to navigate motherhood after a somewhat traumatic birth and very difficult breastfeeding beginning! IF I did take the time to dress her up, a puke or blowout (code brown in nurse speak) was bound to happen within 5 minutes after putting it on. So why not gift something that will provide ongoing assistance and is practical? 

Now ask yourself… how many gifts do you remember receiving throughout your life? Now how many vacations/experiences do you remember? Odds are good that the vacations and experiences are far more memorable.  Having your first child is arguably one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life.  If you’re well prepared, it will be a great memory! If not, it can be very challenging. That’s what makes a Mama Coach gift certificate so great! It will help ease your loved one’s transition into motherhood, while making it a positive and exciting beginning! Let me help take some of the major stressors and uncertainties of those beginning stages of becoming a parent, by giving the gift they certainly will never forget!

As a Mama Coach, I am committed to making motherhood/parenthood easier through prenatal education, postpartum support, mama mental health resources, newborn education, lactation, breast and bottle feeding support, first aid, CPR and choking classes, sleep coaching, toilet learning and so much more. I am trained to use my nursing assessment skills, medical expertise and evidence based support to evaluate each child/family individually, resulting in comprehensive personalized plans. 

A Mama Coach gift certificate is a thoughtful, unique and valuable gift to give and receive. You can gift a particular package(s) or a monetary value for them to use. However, I will happily honor the value of the package for any other service if they find another offering would be more beneficial for them. I want to meet the mama and family where they need it the most and this is no different. 

Gift a Mama Coach

This can also be given as a group gift as well – join together as grandparents, friends and colleagues (the proverbial village that we all desperately need) to support them in their journey into parenthood. 

Still wanting to have something more to wrap up? One idea is to get something small from their registry to unwrap with the gift certificate. Personally, I LOVE a good theme gift so here are a few ideas, but I encourage you to get creative:  

  • Mama Coach Prenatal Class & goodies to fill her hospital bag
  • Mama Coach Newborn Package & newborn outfit, swaddles, newborn/size 1 diapers or infant bathtub 
  • Mama Coach CPR & Choking Class & First Aid Kit for baby 
  • Mama Coach Feeding Support Package & bottles, burp cloths or bottle cleaning brush w/ drying rack 
  • Mama Coach Starting Solids Class & bibs, plates and/or utensils  
  • Mama Coach Prenatal Breastfeeding Class or Lactation Support &  nursing pillow, nipple cream or pump supplies 

Alternatively, with so much focus on the new baby, it can feel extra special when someone remembers the woman that’s soon to transition into a mother. She often forgets about herself too, so to have someone think of her and give HER a gift is an incredibly kind gesture. Many new mothers need the extra emotional and physical support, particularly if postpartum depression becomes an issue. Another idea is to gift a Mama Coach MAMA Postpartum Package, MAMA Support Check-in’s & birthing recovery kit items, postpartum/breastfeeding garments or even a matching robe for mom and receiving blanket for baby … because who can resist those?!

By gifting new parents this exclusive support and education, you are showing them that you believe in and support their parenting goals. You are ensuring that they get the support needed, right from the start. It’s a contribution that will build a solid foundation and bring them peace of mind. This type of assistance can make a huge difference in the new parents’ ability to enjoy the first few months of baby’s life and greatly reduce the stress, apprehension, exhaustion and frustration that are the typical hallmarks of becoming a newborn parent. 

Gift a Mama Coach

Lastly, are you a pregnant mama? Put it on your registry and ask for it! Many will love some direction in finding something that “stands out from the crowd” and giving something that is truly wanted. Heck, buy it for yourself now and save it for later 😉 YOU DESERVE IT MAMA, AND REMEMBER ~ YOU’VE GOT THIS! 

Learn more about all the services offered, or reach out here to find your local Mama Coach.

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