Getting a break is IMPORTANT!

This is a BIG one!!!! Seriously, it took me a long, long time to figure this out, and not feel the mama guilt that came along with it. It is so important to have some time to yourself, self care is essential to motherhood! Being a mama is a full time job, and in order to survive all the joys and challenges you face you NEED some “me” time!!

What is MAMA guilt?

It is a women made creation that stems from the pressure we put on ourselves to the be perfect mom, and all the time spent loving and raising our babies. We pour our hearts and souls into these little humans! We give up years of sleep and shed pounds of tears. Mama guilt is created by us and we need to do as Elsa would say, “let it go” (how can you tell I have two little girls!).

You NEED this!

Getting a break is important. So VERY important. And I am not talking about going to work. I am talking about having time to yourself to do something for you, something you love, have time to think or just be. Whether is it getting your hair done, going for a run, or dinner out with friends you NEED this!

I remember when I became a mom and I would get a chance to be alone, I would find myself rushing around, anxious to get back wondering how my baby was and I felt guilty leaving her. This is normal! It is HARD leaving your baby with someone. It takes time to adjust to your new life and this incredible strong bond that you now have to this tiny amazing little person.

Take baby steps! Trust me, it gets easier and soon you will be looking forward to even a small break. If someone offers to give you a break be HONEST! If it makes you nervous or stressed let them know that. Write the baby’s schedule down so they know what babe’s routine is. It gives them something to follow and it makes you feel better!

I feel like I am a better parent

Now after three babies…..I get in the car, turn up the music, dance at the stop lights, and sing at the top of my lungs. I look forward to “my” time. I appreciate my time so much, and feel so refreshed when I get home. I feel like I am a better parent. I am more patient and feel more present with them. I no longer feel guilty leaving them because I know this benefits them too and I NEED it!

Being a mama is a 24/7 job!!!! It is demanding on ALL aspects of your being. Please don’t beat yourself up over taking some time for yourself, it is OK to take a break!

Don’t put that mama guilt on yourself. You are doing a WONDERFUL job! The HARDEST and most REWARDING job that there is.

Be kind to yourself!

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