First Trimester Essentials

Congratulations mama!!! Such an exciting time for you. There is so much to learn when you become pregnant, let this be a guide of essentials for your first trimester.

A good prenatal vitamin. Consult your OB/midwife for their recommendations on what is best for you. They can send over a prescription for you or recommend a good over the counter vitamin. 

Pregnancy app to track your baby’s progress. It’s so enjoyable to see what size your baby is this week and what they are currently doing. You will learn when they develop their senses, what size food they are, what your body is doing, and what to expect next. Such a great resource and so much fun too! We have a weekly email that we can send you to show your progress, sign up here.

Nausea relief. The first trimester is known for that nauseous feeling. Having something that works for you and making it easily accessible is a must for some women. Put some crackers right next to where you sleep and carry them with you to have them handy. A few other good handy reliefs are ginger candy and peppermints.

Pregnancy announcement. Think of a cute way to share the news with family and friends. Pinterest has some excellent ideas. 
Comfortable pants. Get yourself some nice high-waisted leggings or stretchy pants. You will thank me later. 

A pregnancy journal. Document all of the feels, photos, thoughts, excitement, and fears. There are several to chose from. I personally like the ones that have questions for me to answer. Also, this one is a great gift for your friends when they announce a pregnancy.

Pregnancy safe medications. Put away any medications not safe to take while pregnant and get ones that are. Your OB/midwife can provide you with a list of safe medications to take as needed. 

And lastly and arguably most important, allow yourself to get some rest. You are growing a human and that’s hard work. So much is happening in your body during your first trimester that rest is an essential part.

Want to know more about what to expect? Reach out to a mama coach near you. We would love to hear from you. 

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