Kate Church – RN, BSN, CLC

Service Area
Virgina Beach & Chesapeake & Norfolk

Hello Friend! I am Kate, a Registered Nurse and Lactation Counselor specializing in pre and postpartum woman’s health and nutrition, as well as in newborn and toddler support. I have a been a RN for 13 years and worked in Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Operating Room, Lactation, and Labor and Delivery. I finally found my calling in pre and postpartum woman’s health and mother baby. After the birth of my daughter, I felt a strong drive to help other women. Between the challenging pregnancy, traumatic birth, and struggles with lactation, a difficult newborn, and fertility issues there after. I realized that not everything had to be this hard. My mission is to guide and empower women and their families with applicable information an caring support in one of life’s most challenging and rewarding moments. As a spouse of a retired service member, and a mother to a beautiful and spunky little girl, I understand the importance of this valuable time and the arduous journey. You are not a lone and I am here to help.