Jasmine Martinez – RN, BSN

Service Area
Avondale & Goodyear & Glendale & West Valley

Hello! I’m Jasmine, a pediatric Registered Nurse here to help you through your mamahood journey as your mama coach. I have experience working with children of all ages ranging from tiny premie newborns to young adolescent teens. Everyday I care for little ones who are all reaching different milestones. I understand how each child’s needs are unique. I also understand how difficult and scary it may be to feel like you are not quite sure how to help your little one, as so many changes occur quickly once you have brought your newborn home. In beginning my own journey as a new mother, I noticed there was a huge disparity in health care and available support once we leave our physician’s office postpartum. It can be stressful to read and learn about all of the education out there. I started my private practice as a way to help other mothers in need, and I hope to bridge this gap for mothers from all backgrounds from experienced mamas as well as new moms. As a registered nurse, I can help guide you through your parenting struggles. I am happy to provide you with evidence based education. As your mama coach, I can support you through it all, and as a fellow mama who has definitely been in your shoes, I am excited to be your new go to person whenever you are in need throughout your motherhood journey.