Crystal Nightingale – RN, BSN, IBCLC

Service Area
Solano County & Surrounding Area (I Will Travel Within 40 Miles Of Solano County For An Additional Fee)

Aloha mamas!  I am a nurse and a mother of 4 boys.  I use my assessment skills and knowledge to help families who are exhausted and feeling overwhelmed.  It could be due to baby being fussy, not feeding or latching well, not sleeping well, or if you just need help coming up with a plan that works for everyone in the family.  I can help by providing evidenced informed solutions to all your questions starting in the prenatal period, through infancy, and beyond.  I will use my nursing background, education and experience as a mother to provide answers to questions such as what’s normal, what a feeding should look like, how to start pumping, starting solids, and everything in between.  Let me help you and your family to feel confident and empowered through this journey of parenthood, and well, life!