Diaper Bags 101: How to Choose the Best Bag for You and Our Top Picks

One of the most essential baby products is a diaper bag! If you plan on getting out and about with a baby (or a toddler), you will undoubtedly need an arsenal of supplies. Diapers, wipes, bottles, change of clothes, snacks, toys, blanket, pacifier, wallet, phone, chapstick, water bottle and more are sure to be included in your diaper bag essentials. Your diaper bag will quickly become your best friend, your life-saver, your third arm, your constant companion. With so many different diaper bags on the market, how do you choose one?

From polling mamas about their favorite diaper bag, it is clear that there is no one perfect bag for every mama. It comes down to bag features, what your preferences and “must-haves” are, and your lifestyle, how you plan on using your diaper bag.

Will you be out and about a lot and possibly pushing a stroller? Do you have a toddler or other kids to keep tabs on as well as a baby? Will dad be toting the bag around too? If this sounds like you, then a backpack style bag might be your perfect bag.

Are you bottle feeding while on the go? Choosing a bag with pockets especially for bottles would be important for you. Insulated pockets would be ideal!

Do you need to tote around supplies for more than one child, like a baby and toddler or even twins? You’ll definitely want a bag with plenty of storage space if so.

Are you looking for something classic that can go from day to night, and would be functional for being on the go with a toddler? A tote diaper bag might be just what you need.

Are you comfortable wearing a bag, either on your back or shoulder, for long periods of time? If not, you will most likely want to find a bag that comes with straps or hooks that enable you to hang your bag from a stroller.

Are you a minimalist and want to carry as little as possible, but still need diapers and wipes? Or maybe you only go out for quick trips and don’t need to carry much. A simple clutch might work great for you.

Backpack Style Diaper Bag

Our top picks for backpack style diaper bags are Freshly Picked and Fawn Design.

The Freshly Picked Classic diaper bag, made from vegan leather, has room for everything you need for you AND baby. It has 10 pockets, including 2 side pockets for various shapes and sizes of baby bottles and water bottles, a large main compartment, an easy open and close magnetic front flap, an electronics sleeve, and a top handle for ease of grab-and-go. Not only can you wear this bag as a backpack (which is why we love this bag), but it comes with straps that can convert it to a shoulder purse or a cross-body bag as well. All surfaces of the bag, both inside and out, are wipeable. As an added perk, this bag also includes a portable changing pad. We love that the Freshly Picked design is sleek and simple, and neutral enough that dad won’t mind wearing it too. With lots of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

The Fawn Design Original diaper bag is both stylish and functionable. It has 12 pockets to hold all of your baby essentials, 6 pockets inside and 6 pockets outside. This bag can be worn as both a backpack and messenger style bag with its interchangeable strap. The top of the bag features a half-round zipper opening which enables it to open wide for easy access. It also features a top grab handle for your convenience. This bag is made from vegan leather and comes in a variety of colors. Though the design of the Fawn bag is more feminine with its curves, it’s still a bag dad can feel manly enough carrying around.

Tote Style Diaper Bag

Our favorite tote diaper bag is the Honest Everything Tote. Our favorite thing about this bag is how functional and versatile it is. It can easily transition from day to night use, even if you don’t have a baby in tow. The bag includes two interior insulated pockets for bottles, a large exterior zippered pocket specially designed for keeping messy or wet items separated from the rest of the bag, and seven different exterior pockets for all your many baby and mama items. This bag comes with a changing pad and has a zippered pocket for diapers and wipes. The bag is made from vegan leather and can easily be wiped down when needed. This bag could easily be your everything bag, whether you’re using it for baby, work, or a night on the town.

Clutch Style Diaper Bag

There are lots of clutch style diaper bags to choose from, but we chose our top pick based on its functionality, price, and style. The JJ Cole Diaper Changing Clutch is a great choice if you are looking for something small and simple. The changing clutch can be carried alone or easily fit into another bag. Having a changing clutch enables you to head to the nearest changing station without bringing your entire bag along. The JJ clutch unfolds into a padded, wipeable changing area and includes pockets that can hold wipes and at least three diapers. The clutch also includes an “attach-anywhere” handle for your convenience. With more than one style to choose from and a great price tag to go along with it, it’s a win-win.

Extra Tips and Picks

For a more professional looking diaper bag that can go from work to baby, check out Alise diaper bags. You’ll pay a pretty penny, but you’ll get a beautiful, well-made bag.

Want the look and feel of the Fawn or Freshly Picked diaper bag, but can’t quite afford the price tag? Check out Miss Fong diaper bags on Amazon. You might not get the same quality as our top picks, but you’ll get the style!

If you love pattern and color, then JuJuBe or Petunia Pickle Bottom bags might be for you.

For a more casual style backpack diaper bag, do a simple search on Google or Amazon, there are lots to choose from, like the Jeep Perfect Pockets diaper bag.

Backpack, Tote or Clutch?

Ultimately, the perfect bag comes down to what YOU want and need from a bag. Choose the one that will work best for your lifestyle and budget. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ve got this, mama!

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