Day 5: Our Favourite Sound Machine

As Mama Coaches, we see families every day and strive to help them create the perfect, safe sleep environment. And white noise is an important part of the equation! Some ask, is it a sleep prop? We describe it as a sleep tool. When your little one is learning sleep skills, the more the are woken from external noise (the dog, your husband, traffic), the more times they have to use their brand new sleep skills which can result in stress for both babe and parents! A sound machine, when used properly can help with this. It is important to ensure you follow the guidelines when using your sound machine, no louder than 50 decibels and at least one meter from your child’s ears. The Dohm is fan based, natural white noise.

Marpac is giving you the chance to win 3 Dohm sound machines and one portable Hushh! In Canada you can purchase these at Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy and Snugglebugz.




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