Creative Pregnancy Announcements

You have been planning how you would share your pregnancy announcement since the two pink lines appeared on your pregnancy test. Deciding when you want to share is personal. Some mamas tell the very instant they find out, and some wait until after the first trimester. Social media has given us the best platform to share with family and friends that you are expecting. Here are some of our favorites:

Share with your partner

Hire a photographer for a session with you and your partner. Tell him you want to get some great photos of the two of you to use for your upcoming Christmas card. Secretly bring a sign that says “you’re going to be a daddy” and have the photographer hand it to you when you are back to back for a picture. Then have the photographer ask you to take five steps forward and then turn and face each other. You will forever get to keep the photos to remember his reaction to the news! You could also include extended family into the surprise by inviting them for a family photo shoot and surprising everyone!

Make a chalk timeline

Draw on your driveway the year you were born, the year your partner was born and then 2018 Coming soon. Stand above your year and place a tiny pair of baby shoes above the coming soon. Snap a pic and send to family and friends!

Include your puppy

Was your dog your first child? Make a chalk sign saying “Baby guard dog duty starting (the month you are due, and year)”. Stand behind him with your partner and catch a photo of the three of you! 

Make a shirt

Have your family and friends over for dinner and wrap a custom onesie that says “I love my Grandma and Grandpa”. Give it to your parents at the dinner table for all to see as they unwrap it. Make sure someone captures the moment on video, and then share on social media!

If you this is your second

Make a chalk sign that says “Eviction notice.. coming month and year that your babe is due”. Paste an ultrasound photo of your new baby on the sign and hang it on the crib. Place baby number one in the crib and capture a photo of him standing in the crib next to the sign. Extra points for creativity if your oldest looks perturbed about his eviction notice!

Netflix menu

Looking for a fun way to share with friends on social media about your pregnancy!? On your Netflix menu, create a new user account saying “Baby (last initial) coming 2021). The photo will show your user name, your partners, and your upcoming baby’s name.

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