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Oh hello there! Welcome to my page!

Hi! I’m Sarah, mama of 2, Registered Nurse and Mama Coach! Just like you, I ride the ups and downs of parenthood and just want to make sure my kids are happy and healthy! Parenting is hard, but with the right support and some great tools in your toolbox, you can thrive! From prenatal prep, to breast/bottle feeding, starting solids or sleep, I would love to support you and your family! Can’t wait to meet you!

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Prenatal Education & Support

Personalized support tailored to your pregnancy

Not Your Average Prenatal Class

Take the same prenatal class as Jillian Harris! 
Perfect for busy parents! A personalized prenatal class based on your pregnancy!

In this 3-4 hour session, you will learn everything you need to know from the end of your pregnancy, when to go to the hospital, pain management, delivery methods, newborn feeding, and what to expect in the first month home.

Private Class – $275 Investment

Total Support Package

Feeling stressed about delivery and bringing baby home? Let me help you!

This package includes:
-Your private prenatal session
-Email support until your baby comes
-A postpartum visit to make sure feeding is going well
-ANOTHER visit at 5 weeks postpartum (the newborn package)
-Once baby is born 8 weeks of email support

$600 Investment

Sarah was amazing! Our baby was due at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was up in the air. Even though in person classes were cancelled due to Covid, Sarah accommodated us with a one on one virtual class. We were able to enjoy her class from the comfort of our living room. The information was great and super relevant and made us feel prepared for what was coming next. She answered all of our questions and sent us some great info before/after as well!

– Marilyn

Feeding Support

Whether you breast or bottle feed – you deserve support!

Lactation Support

Virtual or In- Person

Breastfeeding can be stressful! As a breastfeeding counselor, I am here to help! This package includes a one-hour visit to address any nursing/feeding challenges as well as one week of email support following our visit. Also includes a comprehensive feeding eBook.

$150 Investment

Virtual Feeding Support

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding I can help you feel more confident feeding your baby!

Unsure about your supply?
Wondering about pumping?
Formula? Reflux?

Let’s troubleshoot any issues you may be having, or just have your questions answered!

This package includes:
60 minute virtual one time visit
Follow up plan summarizing recommendations

$75 Investment

Weaning Support

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, your weaning journey deserves support!

This package includes:
A 60 minute virtual one time visit
where we will discuss a customized plan to help you transition your little one from breast or bottle feeding.

Option to add on weekly email check ins to ensure things are going well physically and emotionally for you and your baby.

$100 Investment
$175 Investment (with 2 week email support)

Prenatal Feeding Workshop

The more you know, the easier feeding can be!

This workshop includes:

A VIRTUAL one hour private session where I will teach you all about antenatal hand expression, supplies you need for nursing, what to expect immediately postpartum, latching and positioning, how to avoid sore nipples, what to do if baby won’t nurse, pumping and hand expression, as well as soothers and bottle feeding.

$75 Investment

Antenatal Hand Expression

Want to get a head start on your breastfeeding journey? This is for you!

Collecting breastmilk for your baby while pregnant has three major benefits:

You build a freezer stash of colostrum to bring with you to the hospital, you get comfortable handling your breasts, and it can help increase your milk supply.

This package includes:
* A one hour visit where I will teach you how to hand express and safely store it.
* Explain the benefits of antenatal hand expression.
* Extra teaching on breastfeeding and what to expect.
* Positioning and common breastfeeding challenges.
* All supplies needed to safely store your colostrum.
(Best done after 36 weeks gestation and after a discussion with your care provider)

$120 for Private Session
$50 for Self-Guided Online Course

Sarah was so amazing at helping me with my breastfeeding journey. After struggling to get help from a different LC I connected with Sarah where she was able to help me understand what might be going on with me and my babe. It’s not easy providing support over virtual meetings but she was great at it and took the time to ask the right questions and get to the root of things. If you need sound advice and great supporter Sarah is your gal!

– Kelsey

Sleep Support

Infant and toddler sleep coaching from a Registered Nurse

The Plan

Includes a customized and comprehensive sleep plan discussed over a 60 minute virtual visit.

Perfect for babies 3-18 months. Packages available for older children.

Option to add on support.

$199 Investment

The Plan & Me

Includes a customized and comprehensive sleep plan discussed over a 60 minute virtual visit
AND 1 week of coaching/support.

Perfect for babies 3-24 months. Packages available for older children.

$349 Investment

The Plan & Me Plus

Customized and comprehensive sleep plan, discussed over a 60 minute virtual visit
AND 2 weeks of coaching/support.

Perfect for children aged 3 months up to 4 years+.

$449 Investment

It is never as simple as “do this and they’ll sleep”.

There are so many factors that need to be accounted for, which is why as a Registered Nurse, I do a full assessment on your child included in each sleep package.

I look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep.

Not sure which package is for you and your family? You can always book a call with me to discuss further!

Words cannot express how grateful we are for contacting Sarah to help us with our little guys sleep! I was extremely hesitant, nervous and admittedly scared to reach out for sleep support. With Sarah’s extremely compassionate, professional and positive approach we have gotten to a place of better sleep while also meeting our little guys needs! As a first time mama she instilled confidence in me that I was needing!

– Courtney

Newborn Support

Feel confident as your bring your sweet baby home

Newborn Support Package

Let me support you in laying a solid foundation for feeding and sleep.

Feeding assessment and how to start creating healthy sleep habits. Option for 1 or 2 home/virtual visits and includes 4-7 weeks of email support/weekly phone support. Comprehensive newborn eBook included.

$200 – 400 Investment

Online Newborn Course

Learn how to support your fussy baby, how to give baby a bath, what a safe sleep space can look like, how to solve feeding issues and where to start with laying foundational sleep habits. This self-paced course was created to help you with all aspects as you enter your parenting journey.

$59 Investment

CPR and Workshops

Knowledge is power – especially in an emergency

Introduction to Solids and Infant/Child Choking and CPR Workshop

Perfect for the family who is about to start solids with their little one! Learn how to introduce solids, including allergenic foods (like eggs and peanuts), as well as how to manage an emergency (choking, anaphylaxis and CPR). This is a knowledge only course and no certification is provided. Includes an eBook for reference.

Currently offered virtually.
Don’t see the date you’d like? Or want to set up a private class? Click the link below!

Infant/Child Choking and CPR

Perfect for the family that wants to know how to manage an emergency but doesn’t want to take the full course and take a test for certification.

You will leave knowing how to do CPR on a child and infant, as well as be able to handle choking and anaphylaxis.

Offered as private sessions virtually or in-person.

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