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more than sleep packages

Customized Sleep Support from a Registered Nurse

I will help you solve your sleep challenges so you can reach your goals!

I completely understand that the thought of sleep training can be overwhelming. I will take the time to really listen and understand your situation, and recommend an approach that suits your individual family. If you’d like to learn more about my services click here to schedule a free call with me. 


3 – 18 MONTHS


Do you have a baby whose sleep patterns are inconsistent to say the least?  Do you find yourself getting anxious as night time approaches?  Are naps always a struggle? If this sounds like you, I am here to help.




Is every night a huge struggle to get your toddler sleeping? Are you waking multiple times during the night to walk your child back to their room, or do they crawl in with you? Let’s work together to get your toddler and you the rest you both need.


3 – 5 YEARS


At The Mama Coach, our philosophy on sleep for preschoolers is that we find more success if we work with them, not against them. I will help you empower your child to starts sleeping independently and develop a positive outlook around sleep.

Here’s what the process looks like:

Have questions about my Sleep packages? Contact me here.

prenatal classes

Prenatal Education Tailored to You

Get the education you need from a source you can trust.

I know how important it is to have access to evidence-based resources while you are pregnant.  Quality prenatal classes and information help mothers feel prepared for birth, and families ready to bring their newborns home.  I offer the option of a private, or group classes — virtual or in-home!   


$250 per couple

Are you busy trying to prepare for your new baby’s arrival?  Maybe you have what feels like a million questions or a unique pregnancy circumstance and would like a class specifically tailored to you.  If this sounds like something you would benefit from, then my private prenatal class will help you feel more confident and prepared for your upcoming delivery. This 3-4 hour private session is as interactive as you’d like it to be.  We will spend the entire session talking about your specific pregnancy, birth wishes, and baby’s growth and development.  


$150 IN PERSON (price includes Mama and one support person)

Next course: Brooks, AB

Nov 26/Dec 3

This class is perfect for the Mama and her support person who are looking for a fun, relaxed setting to learn about birth and bringing baby home. It is two, two hour sessions – the first day is focused on Prenatal, the second on Postnatal. We will walk you through all the things you need and promise not to make you feel uncomfortable! This session will help you and your partner feel confident about the birth of your baby and what to expect the first months of bringing them home. There will be a hands-on practice portion at the end of each day that includes swaddling, infant massage, as well as an Infant CPR Manikin to practice the valuable skill of infant CPR. The Mama Coach prenatal education was created by Carrie Bruno (founder of The Mama Coach) based on over 12+ years experience as a labour and delivery nurse and lactation consultant. Take the same class as Jillian Harris did in her pregnancy – this is the perfect class for the busy mom to be!
Here are some examples on what will be covered:

Pregnancy: What is normal and when to seek help.
Signs of labor: When to stay at home and when to go to the hospital.
Pain management options and techniques.
Possible complications of labor and delivery.
Second stage and pushing techniques.
How to get breastfeeding initiated.
What to expect in the immediate postpartum period.
Bringing your baby home and healthy sleeping habits.

feeding support

Breastfeeding | Bottle Feeding | Pumping | Formula Starting Solids | Weaning

Whichever feeding method you are using, I am here to support you.

Check out my packages below to learn how I can help!



This package includes a 1-2 hour in-home consult where I will do a feeding assessment and make recommendations to address your concerns and challenges. A follow-up email with a summary of my assessment and recommendations. Also included is seven days of follow-up email support to ensure you reach your feeding goals.



This service includes a 60-minute virtual session using a secure platform, where I will do an assessment and answer any feeding questions you have. A follow-up email recap will be sent to summarize my assessment and recommendations with a week of one email per day of continued support.



This package includes a 30 minute phone call, where I will assess your current situation and help you decide how to start your weaning journey. Also included is follow-up email support and our comprehensive Weaning eBook.



When and why to hand express colostrum and milk, how to hand express, common breastfeeding issues and how to overcome them. This 60 minute session can be done Virtual or In Person, some supplies provided.



Introducing solids, which foods are appropriate for what stages and ages, how to recognize a food allergy, how to tell the difference between choking and gagging, and what to do in a choking emergency. By the end of this 60 minute workshop you’ll feel prepared to introduce solids in a way that creates a positive experience for both you and your baby. Also includes a comprehensive Starting Solids eBook for reference.

newborn support

The Fourth Trimester

Helping you through this exciting and exhausting time.

It’s the start of a brand-new chapter in your life.  You have brought your newborn home, and are likely experiencing equal parts unconditional love and completely overwhelmed.  As a Registered Nurse, I am here to support you as you gain confidence in your unique parenting style.  We take every factor into account when finding out the best solution for whatever it is you are going through with your newborn. 


$350 (one visit – 4 week follow up) or $450 (two visits, 7 weeks follow up)

This package includes a 90-minute assessment and consultation. We will focus on feeding, sleep, soothing and routines, plus address any challenges you may be experiencing. This package also includes weekly phone calls for four weeks, email support for one month, and our comprehensive Newborn Care Guide for you to reference. Upgraded package with two consults and seven weeks of phone and email support is also available.



If you are feeling stressed about delivery and bringing your baby home, let a Registered Nurse help you. We will come to your home or schedule a virtual session and give you a tailored prenatal class, designed around your pregnancy and your plans for birth. It’s comfortable and easy. Once your bundle arrives, we come to you or set up a virtual chat to help you get breastfeeding established. You have an established relationship with your Mama Coach and the help she provides with breastfeeding feels so reassuring. We will continue to support you through phone and email and get together again at 5 weeks old to show you how to get your baby feeding on demand and sleeping beautifully. This isn’t sleep training! Just something you practice to establish healthy sleep hygiene from the start. Let us explain newborn sleep science.. it all makes so much sense after our sessions together!

toilet learning

AKA Potty Training!

This is an exciting time for your family! I’m here to make it smoother.

Whether you haven’t yet started or you have and you’re running into challenges, I have support options available to you!



This package includes a readiness assessment and a two-hour virtual or in-person consult call to walk you through the entire toilet learning process best suited for your specific family. You will be sent tailored notes from our conversation together, as well as our eBook (over 95 pages of information on the approach best suited to your child). One follow up email is also included in the package and there is the option to purchase additional support (see below).



Are you ready to take on toilet learning with your little one? Our toilet learning workshop entails a 90 minute workshop, where we will teach you: The 9 signs of readiness, When to start toilet learning, Which method is best for your child and your family (The Mama Coach Parent led method or Child led method).
Includes an ebook with all the information covered during the workshop.



This package includes a two-hour virtual or in-person consultation where I will help you navigate your current challenges, and recommend the next steps for your family. Also included is one follow-up email with the option to purchase customized ongoing support (see below). You will feel energized and excited to overcome your challenges.


  • One month of email support – $99
    One email a week for four weeks
  • One month of email support- 2 emails a week – $149
    2 emails a week for 4 weeks
  • Ultimate support package – $249
    Four weeks of emails and one phone call per week


Feel confident when facing an emergency.

I understand that barriers to learning these life-saving skills are often time, cost and test anxiety.  That is why our workshop is the perfect solution for you.  These classes take about an hour, are hands-on, and will leave you feeling prepared and confident in your new skills.


$40 per person

This one-hour workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning these life saving skills, and doesn’t require formal certification. After completion of this workshop, you will feel confident in your skills using an AED, performing CPR, as well as utilizing choking relieving techniques on an infant, child and an adult. This hands-on workshop includes a comprehensive eBook for reference.

About Kendra

Hello Mama’s (and Papa’s)

I am a wife to an amazing, hardworking husband and mom to three boys with one more on the way in July!

My first son was born three weeks early in the hospital. We had an extended postpartum stay due to my monitoring for preeclampsia. He didn’t sleep longer than 4 hour stretches until 8 months old, when I read many books to figure out how to compassionately sleep train him.

My second was an accidental water birth at the Arbour Birth Center in Calgary. He later was diagnosed with a PDA (hole in his heart) that was repaired at the Stollery Hospital in Edmonton. He also struggled with a Cow Milk Protein allergy that he has grown out of.

My third was a quick home birth with the midwife arriving just in time to catch him! Postpartum adjustment was the hardest with him as he was not a natural feeder like his brothers and increased postpartum cramping left me needing more assistance than before. He also had a gap in growth for approximately 3 months which required further dietician and pediatrician support.

With my three boys I have learned astutely that every child is unique. What works for one, may certainly not work for another. Children are a great joy, nursing is a beautiful vocation, and I am so excited to be combining these two passions!

It takes a village to raise a child and I would be honoured to be a part of the village by providing evidence informed, compassionate, and non-judgmental support wherever you may need. Contact me to set up a free 15 minute check in and I’d love to hear you out!

Parenting ain’t easy, but it’s worth it!


[email protected] |

(403) 836-3311


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