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Kari Kress

I remember when I had my first daughter in 2016 I was researching what stroller I should buy and there were so many blogs and opinions out there. It was overwhelming, and I quickly found out that its the same about every subject when it comes to kids. I learned that you need to find the people you trust and ask their opinion and then do whatever works best for you. I want to offer practical knowledge to moms to help them with their pregnancy and babies. As a labor and delivery nurse I found that I would be talking to family friends who just delivered and be offering that they could contact me anytime and I would answer their questions in those first few days postpartum. I just love to share my knowledge and help ease that intense transition into parenthood.

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Group Prenatal Class

Group Prenatal Class

This is not your average prenatal class! In this class you will not only learn about labor and delivery but also newborn care and what to expect when you bring your baby home. You and your partner will feel confident that you have all the tools you need to bring your new baby home. This class also includes email access to me, so that I can answer any questions that you might think of after class. The class is 3-4 hours long (depending on how many questions are asked) and also includes an in-depth ebook of everything discussed, so that you can feel confident as you continue to prep for your birth.

$150 per couple
Private Prenatal Class

Private Prenatal Classes

Are you looking for a prenatal class that can be completely tailored to your situation? This is the class for you. As an experienced Labor and Delivery Nurse I can tailor the class to your specific pregnancy needs, including what to expect in the third trimester, coping in early labor at home, the labor and delivery process, breastfeeding, bottle feeding and how to care for your newborn in that first month. This class is 3-4 hours long and can be taught in the comfort of your own home. By the end you will feel confident about bringing your baby home. It also includes an in-depth ebook as well as unlimited email access to me, so that I can answer any questions that may come up after class. It’s perfect for the busy couple!

$250 per couple

Total Support Package

 Are you feeling stressed and anxious about delivery and bringing baby home? This package includes a private prenatal class and 8 weeks of support after your baby is born. The private prenatal class is completely tailored to your pregnancy with unlimited email access to me after the class to answer any more questions that come up. Once your baby is born we will schedule a visit to help with all of your feeding concerns. Weekly calls will also be set up, as well as unlimited email access to answer all of those 2am questions! Around 5 weeks we will set up a meeting to talk about sleep and setting you up for success in the upcoming journey. With 8 weeks of support the transition too parenthood will be so much easier. It also includes our prenatal ebook and an extensive newborn ebook as well.


Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Planning and Preparation

This is the perfect class to take if you are planning to breastfeed and want to be successful! This course talks all about breastfeeding and what to expect, from how to latch a baby, effectively feeding baby, what to do if breastfeeding hurts, how to give a bottle, how to give a soother, and how to know if your baby is getting enough. Knowledge is power and this can help you feel confident when starting out on your breastfeeding journey.


Learn How To Hand Express Virtual Consult

This course will help guide you through everything you need to know about antenatal hand expression! From collection, storage and how to feed colostrum to your baby all BEFORE your baby arrives! Includes the online course (videos and eBooks) as well as the supply kit mailed straight to your door.  Antenatal Hand Expression is the number one thing you can do while pregnant to support your breastfeeding journey.



Newborn Package

One or Two Consultations

Nothing feels as good as bringing home your newborn baby.  However, not many people talk about the doubt and uncertainty that comes with being a new parent.  You may be looking for help, in fact, we bet you are searching for infant night nurses as we speak!  You’ve come to the right place.  

This package is for you if you are:

  • Struggling to put your newborn down without them waking moments later
  • Frustrated with evening crying
  • Worried feeding is not going well
  • Having a hard time getting your newborn to fall asleep
  • Constantly googling and looking for answers on when the newborn stage will get easier

As Registered Nurses, we have done extensive research on the science of newborn sleep.  Did you know that newborns cycle through different sleep stages than even a four month old baby?  At The Mama Coach we can help you make sense of it all, as well as find relief for those fussy newborn behaviours.

You may have been told your child has colic or is going through purple crying and they will outgrow it.  This may be true, however, you don’t have to wait for things to improve on your own.  We can help you find calming techniques for your child, so you can start to regain confidence in the newborn stage.

This package includes:

  • 90 minute assessment and consultation (virtually or in-home).  We will do a complete assessment of your newborn focusing on:
    • Feeding 
    • Timing 
    • Gas
    • Sleep
  • Discussion of solutions to help soothe and calm your baby
  • Additional support including:
    • One weekly phone call over four consecutive weeks
    • Email support for one month
    • Extensive 100 page newborn guide to use as a reference, and will continue to support you

At the end of our session, you will feel more confident and on the right track.

Some families choose the upgraded package which includes two, 60-minute consultations.  Typically, your Mama Coach will see you early on in the newborn period to help ensure feeding is going well, and then again around the 5-10 week mark to work on routine and sleep.  The support portion for this package is longer as well.  It includes:

  • Seven follow up phone calls (starting the day after our virtual or in-home visit) 
  • Seven weeks of email support 

It’s comforting to know that answers to your questions are only an email away while you transition to life with your newborn.  Let us help make this stage of life easier and less stressful for your family

$450 or $550

Online Newborn Course

This course is a must have for new parents! Life with a newborn can feel overwhelming so we want to set you up for success. Our Newborn course is easy to use and packed full of support to help prepare, educate, and guide you through the fourth trimester with your newborn. Includes the online course (videos and eBooks). Makes a great baby shower gift!

$59 CAN


More than Sleep: Two Week Package – Infant

Virtual or In-Person

I know that sleep is important to the health and well-being of the entire family unit. Whether you are struggling with frequent night wakings, short naps, early mornings, bedtime struggles OR you are just looking to lay a healthy foundation of sleep for your babe, I can help!

This support package includes:

  • 1.5-2 hour initial assessment and consultation
  • Personalized and comprehensive sleep and feeding plan
  • Two weeks of coaching support with unlimited emails
  • Information about the future with your child- in regards to travel, teething, illness and regressions.
More than Sleep (18 months to 3 years)

More than Sleep: Two Week Package – Toddler

Virtual or In-Person

Sometimes toddlers can bring on their own sleep challenges. If you are looking for a change, it’s not to late to build healthy sleep habits with your child (even if they are in a toddler bed!). Let’s work together to find the solution. 

This support package includes:

  • 1.5-2 hour initial assessment and consultation
  • Personalized and Comprehensive Sleep Plan
  • Two weeks of coaching support with unlimited emails
  • Information about the future with your child- in regards to travel, illness and other issues.


Feeding Support + One Week of Coaching

Are you having feeding issues and need someone to come to your home and help? This package includes a home visit in which we can troubleshoot your feeding challenges and work towards making them better. I will also send you detailed notes from our visit, a comprehensive eBook and support you by email for the next week.


Virtual Feeding Support

Do you have some questions that you would like to bounce off of a qualified professional?As a Lactation Counsellor and Registered Nurse, I am here to help.  This package includes a 40 minute virtual consultation to address your feeding challenges.  I will also send you a comprehensive feeding eBook.

$65 for 40 minute session
Weaning Package

Weaning Package

Would you like to wean your baby but just don’t know where to start? Or have you tried and it just isn’t going well? During our 30 minute call together we will discuss and come up with a weaning plan specific to you and your baby. After our call you will receive weekly email check ins to ensure things are going well for both you and your baby.



Postpartum Support Package

Virtual or In-Person


Hourly Nursing Support

Virtual or In-Person


Potty Training

New to Potty Training: Assessment & Consultation

Virtual or In-Person

Teaching your child to use the toilet is a big deal! Chances are, you are excited, and maybe a little overwhelmed. As a Registered Nurse I am going look at the entire picture assessing cognitive development as well as physical readiness. This assessment will help us determine and choose one of our research based methods to help your child learn to use the toilet. This package includes a 2 hour virtual consultation, detailed custom plan and one follow up email to ensure you have success.


Potty Training Workshop

Virtual or In-Person



CPR, Choking & AED Workshop

Virtual or In-Person

Looking for a child & infant CPR and Choking Workshop? This is the class that will lead you feeling confident if your child encounters an emergency. Looking for a private session or a group workshop? Send me an email and we can work out pricing for you.


Heartsaver CPR AED or BLS Provider

Certification Renewal

Do you (or will you) have an infant, toddler, or preschooler?

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