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Guiding you through the 4th trimester & beyond!

Don’t just survive those first 3 months…

Maybe you have heard that the newborn phase, also known as the 4th trimester, is hard, exhausting, fill-in-the-blank. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are pregnant or have a newborn already, click to button above to get my FREE Guide to Thriving in the 4th Trimester! You don’t just have to survive those 3 months…you can truly thrive!

Jess is an incredibly kind, sensitive, honest, and vulnerable woman to walk through any part of your pregnancy or postpartum journey with. She’s there to cheer you on, offer words of comfort, and answer the weird, worried, new parent questions that we all have. I can’t say enough good things about her.

– Jen W

Coaching packages


Basic Package


Detailed intake questionnaire

Personalized, comprehensive sleep plan

Virtual one-hour consult to review your plan

1 check-in coaching call


Essential Package


Detailed intake questionnaire

Personalized, comprehensive sleep plan

Virtual one-hour consult to review your plan

4 check-in coaching calls over 2 weeks

Follow up: 1 email question


Premium Package


Detailed intake questionnaire

Personalized, comprehensive sleep plan

Virtual or in-person one-hour consult to review your plan

2 weeks of daily sleep log analysis

Follow up: 1 phone call and 1 email question

In-Home Feeding Support


Detailed intake questionnaire

In-person one-hour assessment and feeding plan development

1 week email support; follow up visits at $100 each

Local Philadelphia Area Only

Virtual Feeding Support


Detailed intake questionnaire

Virtual one-hour assessment and feeding plan development

1 week email support; follow up visits at $75 each

Available Nationwide

Return to Work Package


Detailed intake questionnaire

In-person one-hour assessment and feeding/pumping/milk storage plan development

1 week email support

1 follow up virtual visit after you are back at work

Local Philadelphia Area Only
*virtual option available, contact for more info

“I connected with Jess before our baby was born and she asked something no one else has asked- what our feeding goals are. She fully supported us in getting to those goals. She provided fantastic coaching for getting a latch, understanding how to know if he was eating or just sucking for soothing, accessories to make pumping easier, etc. Breastfeeding started out so frustrating and painful, but after Jess’s coaching session, it’s gone so much better. And her follow up support by email has been great too. She’s a great listener, so knowledgeable, and explains things so well. I would recommend her to anyone who is having any struggles with breastfeeding.”

-Andi S.

4th Trimester All-Access Retainer

$850 or $297/mo over 3 months

A Registered Nurse in your pocket for any and all your questions during this 4th trimester period!

Unlimited text & email support: Ask me anything!

Video calls as needed to address specific questions/concerns

1 hr intake call: Get to know each other so we can make the most of our time together

I’m here for YOU, however you need me to be. Click below to send me an email so we can get our intake set up!

In-Home Newborn Course


From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn how to support your fussy baby, how to provide newborn care, what a safe sleep space can look like, and start making a plan for feeding this babe! I can address specific questions you have and help you feel ready to bring baby home! It is best to schedule this during weeks 32-36 of your pregnancy.

*Local Philadelphia Area Only*

Online Newborn Course

$47 USD/$59 CAD

Do you prefer a DIY approach? Our self-paced Newborn Course is for you! Learn how to support your fussy baby, how to provide newborn care, what a safe sleep space can look like, how to solve feeding issues and where to start with laying foundational sleep habits. This course was created to help you with all aspects as you enter your parenting journey. Perfect if you’re the parent of a newborn or if you’re awaiting your babe’s arrival and want to be completely prepared!

CPR & Choking Workshop


This hands-on workshop is perfect for parents and caregivers who are interested in learning these life saving skills, but don’t require formal certification. After completion of this course, you will feel confident in your skills performing CPR, utilizing choking relieving techniques on an infant, child and an adult, and how to distinguish choking from gagging as you begin to feed your baby solids
This hands-on workshop includes a comprehensive eBook for reference.

*Local Philadelphia Area Only*
Virtual option available

Having trouble deciding which package is right for you? Or just have more questions?
You can email me here or book a free call.

As I was about to make the transition back to work, I hastily realized I didn’t know how to use my electric pump. Jess took the time to come over, walk me through the process, and offered a “pump plan” to ensure my supply didn’t drop. She checked in after her visit and made herself available to follow-up questions. As a first-time mom, I’m so grateful to have her as a coach!

Nicole B

Still have questions about which package is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet Jess.

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. As a mama myself, I know just how overwhelming it all can feel. And I know it can be hard to ask for help. As a Pediatric Nurse, I have walked with families through all kinds of challenges and joys and I would love to walk with you through whatever challenge brings you here today. Please reach out, even if you’re not sure exactly what you’re asking for. We can talk through your struggles and figure out the plan that’s going to best meet your needs. Problem solving is my specialty 🙂


[email protected] | 267.225.0597 text or call