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All of The Mama Coach programming revolves around our professional designation as Registered Nurses. I assess each client and customize my support in order to help you meet your parenting goals.

Prenatal Education & Support

Evidence-Informed Advice from a Qualified Source

Not Your Average Prenatal Class

Take the same prenatal class as Jillian Harris!  This class is written by a Labour & Delivery Registered Nurse and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and it’s a ton of fun!  We will walk you through all you need to know to feel confident about labour, delivery, the postpartum and newborn period as well as breast and bottle feeding. Offered virtually as a group or private class. 

$125 Group | $225 Private

The Total Support Package

Qualified support from a Registered Nurse from pregnancy to postpartum! With this Total Support Package you will receive:

A private prenatal class

Email support until your baby arrives

A postpartum visit to help with feeding & newborn sleep

A second visit at 5-6 weeks postpartum

Email support from the birth of your baby up to 8 weeks postpartum


More Than Sleep Packages

Sleep Support from a Registered Nurse

We look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep.

The Classic

Customized and comprehensive sleep plan, 90 minute virtual visit + two weeks of coaching/support.

Perfect for children aged 3 months up to 4 years.

Packages available for older children.


The Mini

Includes a customized and comprehensive sleep plan, 60 minute virtual visit + one week of coaching/support.

Perfect for babies 3-24 months. 


The Basics

Includes a customized and comprehensive sleep plan + one week of email-only support. Great for Mamas who know their stuff but need some help to get back on track. 

Perfect for babies 3-18 months.


Newborn & Postpartum Support

Let me help you lay the foundation for solid newborn feeding and sleep!

Newborn Package

Includes virtual or in-person visits where I will address all your newborn questions and concerns. Newborn packages also include weekly phone calls and daily email check-ins for up to 6 weeks. You will feel completely supported and prepared to care for your newborn.

$65 for one visit
Packages starting at $180

Online Newborn Course

For the DIY Parents…

This self-paced course is full of videos and information teaching you how to soothe your fussy newborn, solve common feeding issues, care for your newborn and feel confident about your parenting choices!


Feeding Support

Feel Good About Feeding Your Baby

Lactation Support

Virtual or In-Home

Breastfeeding can be stressful!  As a Breastfeeding Counselor, I am here to help.  This package includes a one-hour in-home visit to address nursing and feeding challenges as well as seven days of email support following our visit.  Also includes a comprehensive feeding eBook.

Virtual Feeding Support

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could virtually meet up with a Mama Coach and have all your feeding concerns addressed? Guess what – you can!  As a nurse I can help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to get you on the right track. 


Multi-Visit Packages Available

Weaning Support Package

I will do an assessment and help you decide what is the best plan to get your little one transitioned from breastfeeding. Includes a 30 minute call to discuss your weaning plan, and weekly email check ins to ensure things are going well physically and emotionally for both you and your baby.


Antenatal Hand Expression

Collecting breastmilk for your baby while pregnant has three major benefits:
You build a freezer stash of colostrum to bring with you to the hospital, you get comfortable handling your breasts, and it can help increase your milk supply.
Our antenatal hand expression package includes:
* A one hour visit where we will teach you how to hand express and safely store it.
* Explain the benefits of antenatal hand expression.
* Extra teaching on breastfeeding and what to expect.
* Positioning and common breastfeeding challenges.
* All supplies needed to safely store your colostrum.
Best done after 36 weeks gestation and after a discussion with your care provider.

$120 for Private 1:1 Support
$50 for Self-Guided Online Course

Prenatal Feeding Workshop

Virtual Group Webinar

60 minute live webinar where I will teach you everything you need to know to be ready to nurse your baby, including the basics on antenatal hand expression, latching and positioning, how to avoid sore nipples, what to do if baby won’t nurse, pumping and hand expression, soothers and bottles.


Virtual Workshop

Ready to start solids but not sure where to start? This can be so overwhelming, but I can make it easier! Join me for a live, one hour workshop where we talk about:

  • Signs of readiness
  • Gear you need for starting
  • Baby led weaning vs. purees vs. combination feeding
  • Responsive feeding
  • Allergens- how to introduce them
  • Milk: When to start and how much to give

The workshop includes an ebook on everything discussed,


CPR, Choking & Intro to Solids

Feel confident starting solids, and responding to emergency situations. This is a one hour virtual group workshop with lots of time for questions!


Private workshops also available for $45 per couple.


Jenny is so knowledgeable and caring. I recommend her to all of my friends expecting a baby, or who are struggling with toddlers sleeping / eating. I cannot thank Jenny enough for the kindness and effort she’s put into helping us prepare for our new arrival.

– Michelle T.

I don’t know how to convey to new moms how invaluable Jenny was to me in those first few weeks postpartum. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also very empathetic. She was patient with me, answering all my questions and helping me come up with a plan and strategy that actually works for my life and priorities. Seriously, new moms or friends of new moms, do yourself or your friend a favor and get some sessions with Jenny.

– Nora B.

Aside from the amazing fact that she helped us go from waking every other hour to this amazing new place of sleeping through the night Jenny is so easy to talk to and really makes sure that you understand what you’re doing and why, she’s very clear, she really works to understand your specific situation and ensures you feel supported throughout the entire process. I truly cannot believe we are only four nights in. Thank you Jenny!

– Samantha F.

Get to Know Me

Jenny Carrier RN, BScN (She/Her)

Hi! I’m Jenny, a Registered Nurse and mama of two wonderful and busy boys. Since beginning my nursing career in 2008, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in paediatric and newborn health. I am well prepared to support you in the areas of paediatric & infant sleep, pre/postnatal education, as well as infant feeding, lactation and more.

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