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Looking for Help with your child’s sleep? Need Support with breastfeeding? Expecting a baby and need a quality Prenatal Class? I’ve Got you Covered! As a Registered Nurse, I will work with you and your family to meet your specific goals & needs. Reach out & let’s chat!
Evidence-Informed Support & Education
Zero Judgment
As a Registered Nurse and Mama Coach™ I am here to support you wherever you are on your parenting journey.

I offer qualified support based on your specific parenting goals, and bring a big dose of empathy and understanding to make meeting those goals easier. As a Mama of 4 I can relate to many different scenarios, and believe me- you are EXACTLY what your baby needs!

About Me

Hey there, I am a Mama of 4, Farmwife & absolutely love helping parents find their groove. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 14 years and am passionate about providing support for Parents & their Little Ones. My promise to all of my clients is to support you with zero judgement, tons of empathy, along with evidence based methods & plans. With all of the information available to parents, along with both wanted & unwanted advice, it can be so overwhelming. I am here to provide you with solid and reliable information and methods.

Janelle Turk

Prenatal Classes

Group Prenatal Class


Casual, group atmosphere! All Classes are Virtual for the time being. Get comfy on your couch with your Favourite snacks and join up with other couples wanting to learn what to expect through the labour and delivery process. Learn how to manage pain- both at home and in the hospital, what contractions look like, feel like. We will cover when to head to the hospital, and go through the different types of deliveries that are possible.

Private Prenatal Class


Meet with Janelle privately & learn everything you need to know heading into Labour & Delivery of your sweet baby. Janelle will come to you, or you can meet Virtually. This class is ideal for couples with busy schedules who can’t seem to find a class that fits. We will schedule a time that works for you. Also a great option for couples who prefer the one to one atmosphere. You will have Janelle’s support via email right though the arrival of your baby.

More Than Sleep- Sleep Packages

More Than Sleep


Sleep Consultation & Assessment with a Plan (3-18 Months & Toddler/ Preschooler)

This Package is for Parents who feel they won’t need ongoing support, but would like support with finding a plan that will suit their family needs.

More Than Sleep


Sleep Consultation, Assessment, Plan & 1 Week of Support (3-18 Months & Toddler/ Preschooler)

This Package is great for parents who would like some support, and guidance on implementing their sleep plan. Janelle will support you via both email and with 2 phone calls throughout the week.

More Than Sleep


Sleep Consultation, Assessment, Plan & 2 Weeks of Support (3-18 Months & Toddler/Preschooler)

This Package is ideal for parents wanting more ongoing support to help solidify the plan, and work on naps. Janelle will will support you via email and with 4 phone calls throughout the 2 week period.

Feeding Services

Antenatal Hand Expression Online Course


Learn all about Antenatal Hand Expression- How to do it, when to do it, and how to store that liquid gold! We will also send you all the supplies you will need.

Lactation Support


Janelle will do a breastfeeding assessment and help you make any adjustments necessary to solve any problems you are having with breastfeeding. Meet in person or virtually for Approx. 45 minutes and then have Janelle’s ongoing support via email for 1 week.

Weaning Package


This Package includes a 30 minute phone call with Janelle to go over a weaning plan that suits you and your baby’s needs. You will have email support for 1 week following the call.

Newborn Packages

Newborn Package: 1 Visit


If you are looking for support with feeding your newborn, as well as set up for success with sleep, this is for you! This package includes a full feeding assessment (often we can solve gas & fussiness with this) and we take a big look at sleep environment & what newborn sleep looks like. You will have email support & 4 phone calls for 4 weeks after our visit.

Newborn Package: 2 Visits


If you are looking for ongoing support with your newborn, this is for you! On the first visit we will take a big look at feeding, and come up with a plan to work on any problems you might be having. The second visit we will dive into newborn sleep, and help you set your little one up for success with sleep. Total support for this package is 7 weeks of email & 7 phone calls.

Newborn Online Course


This Course will answer all of your questions about your newborn. Work at your own pace with this easy to use, online platform.

Potty Training

New to Potty Training: Assessment & Consultation


Our assessment and consultation package is for you if you are ready to start toilet learning with your little one, but aren’t sure where to start & you want to make the process as seamless as possible for both you and your child.

We will spend 2 hours meeting (virtually), going over it all. We want to set you up for success, then walk you through the process best suited for your family.

You will be sent tailored notes and our ebook and one email follow up with the option to purchase more support.

Overcoming Challenges with Potty Training: Assessment & Consultation


This package is for you if you have started “potty training” and it feels like a disaster, maybe your child cries when you try to get him to use the potty. Your child keeps having accidentsYour child will not poop in the potty.

This package includes a 2 hour consultation where we will help you navigate your challenges. You will finish feeling hopeful and ready to overcome them. It includes one email follow up with the option to purchase ongoing support.

Potty Training Workshop


Our toilet learning workshop entails a 2 hour workshop, where we will teach you:

-The 9 signs of readiness. -When to start toilet learning. -Which method is best for your child and your family. -The Mama Coach Parent led method. -The Mama Coach Child led method

Includes an ebook with all the information covered during the workshop. You will have the option to purchase ongoing support.

CPR & Choking

CPR, Choking & AED Workshop

Virtual or In-Person

$35/ Person

We hope that you will never need to know this skill, but want you to be prepared if the worst were to ever happen. Learn about introducing solids to your baby, common choking hazards, recognizing choking vs. gagging. We will also cover CPR & AED use for infants, children & adults.

This is an excellent refresher for everyone, whether you are an experienced provider or new to CPR. This is not a certification course.

Heartsaver CPR AED or BLS Provider

Certification Renewal


Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR Recertifications. Needing a recert for work? Running out of time, or not able to make the other classes? Let me help you!

Contact Janelle if you require a full certification.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher


Give the new parents in your life the gift of SUPPORT!

Redeemable with any of Janelle’s Services

Virtual Options Available

Contact Janelle for different Denomination amounts

Are you Expecting a Baby?

Check out my Prenatal Classes!

Group or Private Class options available.

We will cover everything you need to know about the remainder of your pregnancy, labour & delivery, and caring for a newborn while recovering from giving birth!

Plus, you will get support from me (an RN) right through until your baby is born.

Client Reviews

I called Janelle at Mama Coach when my daughter was up 5-7 times per night (awake for 15-60 minute time slots). She would only take two mini naps (15-30 minute). I was exhausted and desperate for help. Janelle was supportive, encouraging and non judgmental. She made a plan that was easy to follow and understand. Most importantly within a week my daughter was only waking up once at midnight and once at 4:30/5. She started napping 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Now two weeks later she’s going to bed awake, without a soother and without crying, sleeping until 4/5 am! She’s noticeably happier and well rested. So thankful!

– Jessica D.

We just finished our first week of our new sleep plan with the support of Janelle . We had quite a few of the little pieces before but got overwhelmed with all the different opinions and information out there and couldn’t pin point what we needed to change to be more successful. We were plagued by short naps and had the odd night where babe fought bedtime. With Janelle’s help we were able to make some changes in babe’s schedule. After just one week at least half of babe’s naps are longer than 45 mins and our nights have improved. Janelle was quick to respond to questions and gave us a ton of good information for the continuation in our sleep journey.

Desiree D.

I recently updated my CPR with Janelle, which was the second workshop I have taken with her. I would highly recommend any of Janelle’s classes! Janelle is incredibly insightful, non judgemental, and has the kindest heart. All of her courses are up to date with best practice guidelines. Janelle is always willing to help and a fantastic resource for our community. Thank you Janelle!!

Lisa C.

I recently did the sleep training and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support from Janelle, I would highly recommend her to everyone struggling, the support is 100% there. I went from getting 3-4 hours of broken sleep a night and my baby would not nap in her crib ever, had to be held, her support made me stay consistent and within even the first week she now sleep 11-12 hours through the night and will nap in her crib for 1-2 hours twice a day. This has been an extreme life changer from me and my only regret is not having her for my first horrible sleeper of a child! Anyone who uses Janelle will not be disappointed! 

– Kristen N.

We had our private prenatal class with Janelle last week and I am so happy we chose to do so!! Janelle was super sweet and totally down to earth about everything. She was so flexible with her hours and was able to add us to her schedule with less than a week notice and only 3 weeks until our due date!! She was very informative, answered all of our questions, and covered a lot of important material. I am excited to continue to learn from Janelle even after our baby is born!!

Hayden M.

People ask me how things are going with my first baby. For the first time in this journey, I can confidently say, “GREAT!” That confidence is all thanks to Janelle. Within a few nights our baby was sleeping 7pm to 7am. As parents we got our evening time together back. With adequate sleep I became a more patient mother. Even with nighttime feeds, he just goes back to sleep. The quality of life we received from the help and support of Janelle is truly priceless. Janelle, thank you for the kindness, understanding, and support. You created a safe, judgement-free space for us to consult on what was best for our child.


More Than Sleep

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