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Questions about your newborn? Struggling with breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Think your baby may have a tongue tie or a lip tie? You’re in the right place!

Heather Stobbe | RN | IBCLC

Lactation Consulting & Postpartum Newborn Home Visiting

Based in Langley BC Canada.
Home visits available throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area
Virtual consultations available for urgent concerns or families residing in other parts of BC



Feeding your baby doesn’t have to be challenging

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding issues can be improved with expert advice and support

As a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I have the training and experience to help with basic to complex feeding issues. My in-depth assessment and examination takes every detail into account to find the best solutions for your concerns.

I understand the level of exhaustion and overwhelm new parents feel, and my job is to come alongside you and make your journey easier.

The result? A more enjoyable feeding experience, however that looks for you.





This 90 minute home visit includes a comprehensive feeding assessment and infant exam: weight check, health assessment, evaluation of oral function. I take a detailed maternal history and discuss birth factors that can impact feeding. You get hands-on support during the visit plus a detailed care plan afterwards with strategies to implement.
Includes a week of email support following the visit to ensure you feel confident moving forward.
If needed, I collaborate with your physician, midwife or other members of your health care team.
*Additional travel fee will be applied for >30km distances




This 60 minute online session (using a secure platform) includes a feeding assessment and evaluation of your baby’s oral and physical anatomy using pictures and videos you send prior to (or after) the consult, if needed. I provide specific instructions on what images are needed and how to send them securely. I take a detailed maternal history and discuss birth factors that may be impacting feeding.
You get recommendations to address your concerns during the visit and a written care plan with strategies to implement. Includes a week of email support to ensure you feel confident moving forward.





This is a 45-60 minute online session (using a secure platform), where I discuss your concerns and answer any questions you have about feeding your infant. Common topics reviewed during a prenatal consult include: antenatal hand expression, best latching techniques, breastfeeding with inverted nipples or other health concerns, building a great milk supply, how to use a breast pump and tips on type and flange sizing, must-have products and items to buy before baby comes. Will also include general information about breastfeeding/ chestfeeding, bottle-feeding and/or pumping.
In person prenatal consults available for an extra fee of $50 for local clients only
You receive 10% off our most popular prenatal courses/workshops*:

Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Pumping, Bottle feeding & Formula Workshop

*subject to availability

PostpartuM newborn VISITS

The Fourth Trimester

Helping you through this exciting and exhausting time.

It’s the start of a brand-new chapter in your life.  You have brought your newborn home, and are likely experiencing equal parts unconditional love and completely overwhelmed.
As a Registered Nurse, I support you as you gain confidence in your unique parenting style. I examine your baby, teach you about basic newborn care such as bathing and feeding, and answer all those questions you have. If there are any medical concerns, I touch base with your baby’s physician or midwife to ensure a consistent approach to care and that your sweet baby is meeting all their expected milestones.
Several options are available for newborn services, including customized packages to suit your needs. So you can rest assured that you are doing all the right things when caring for your newborn.

Postpartum Newborn Home Visit


This 60 minute home visit is designed for newborns 0-2 weeks of age, or just home from the hospital. Includes:

Weight check of baby

Health examination of baby

Evaluation of baby’s feeding, voiding & stooling patterns

Newborn care teaching

Advice to address early basic feeding questions*

Collaboration with physician/midwife as needed

* See FAQ’s section re: what this visit covers

Ultimate Newborn Support Package


This package is for ongoing support for mom and/or newborn where multiple visits are required. Includes:

Two Postpartum-Newborn Home Visits

Two online Follow-Up Sessions

Email support for 2 weeks

Discounted Access to our online Newborn Course

Comprehensive Newborn Guide.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep Workshop

60 minute webinar. Offered monthly based on demand.


Pumping, Bottle Feeding & Formula Workshop

60 minute webinar. Offered monthly, based on demand.


Antenatal Hand Expression Course

All the information you need plus a supply kit!





Hi, I’m Heather. I grew up in a small Alberta town and moved to BC to pursue my nursing degree.
I have been a Registered Nurse for 18 years, working first as a postpartum & perinatal nurse in a large teaching hospital and then as a public health nurse. I have been so fortunate to have spent most of my career working with families, newborns and children. Three years ago, I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and opened a private practice to be able to support more complex feeding challenges, and I absolutely love it.
Most recently I have taken additional training in identifying and treating oral restrictions such as tongue ties and lip ties. There is much that can be done to improve feeding for these babies, and I offer a multifaceted team-oriented approach.
On a personal note, I am married and a mom of two young children aged 7 and 5.
I enjoy reading and singing, volunteering at my church, being outdoors, and spending time with my family.


[email protected] | (778) 886-7866

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