Hey! I’m Carrie, I am the founder of The Mama Coach. I am so glad you are here.

It is my life’s work to support families as they move through all of parenting’s challenges. I founded The Mama Coach in 2015 for exactly that reason. As a Registered Nurse and IBCLC lactation consultant, our programming is evidence based, but comes with a hefty dose of empathy. 

My goal is to hear you first. What is your challenge? Then, through assessment, I will help you build a strategy to overcome whatever it is you are working through, and gain confidence in your parenting style.

I have two sons of my own, and spend my weeks juggling life with them, serving families like you, and mentoring nurses (my fellow mama coaches) on my team. 

I see a very limited number of clients each week, and I would love it to be you. If you can’t get in with me, I would encourage you to find your closest mama coach here, and know that they are personally trained and mentored by me.

If you are a brand or company looking to work together, please email my assistant [email protected] to share the details.

one-on-one virtual services



Have you been following me on Instagram and want to speak specifically about your baby? This is a 45 minute virtual session where I will assess your feeding situation and build a plan to help you overcome your challenge. This session is great for families with newborns, infants or toddlers. Any feeding challenge, breastfeeding, aversion, bottle feeding struggles, formula, pumping, solids, I can help. This session includes our feeding ebook.



Are you struggling with your newborn? If feeding is a struggle or they are just so fussy, this session is for you. I love helping support newborn families and look forward to assessing and building a plan to overcome your challenges. This virtual session is one hour long and includes my extensive newborn guide on feeding and sleep.



If you are looking for guidance on your little one’s sleep, I can help. I only see one family per week (due to my schedule), and you can book it here. I developed our Mama Coach programs through hours of extensive research and serving hundreds of families.

During our time together, I will assess feeding, development, and circadian rhythm to help build you a plan to meet your goals. This session includes a 60-90 minute virtual session with me, and a customised, detailed plan sent to you afterwards so you can implement my suggestions and meet your sleep goals! This package does not include email or phone support, but will leave you with the tools do find sleep for your little one.



I like to call it toilet learning because it is a skill your little one learns, much like sleep!

I was inspired to write this programming because I felt the culture surrounding potty training was very “one size fits all” and very behavioral focused. After extensive research, I have developed a readiness tool to help you decide the best plan for your little one, and have a deep understanding of challenges you may experience.

This session is 90 minutes, includes our 100 page ebook on toilet learning, and is perfect if you haven’t started yet or if you have started and really struggling.


Self-paced learning from Registered Nurses.

Having the right parenting knowledge can make a world of difference. Our courses are designed for busy expecting parents, parents with young children, and grandparents looking to gain the most up-to-date science backed information.
Learn at your own pace with easy to follow course chapters, videos, PDF worksheets, and an eBook, as well as receive discounts on future Registered Nurse support. Build your confidence while giving your infant exactly what they need to grow and thrive.
Newborn Feeding Support



  • Learn how to:
    • Calm your fussy baby
    • Solve your baby feeding cues
    • Overcome feeding challenges
    • Understand newborn sleep patterns
    • Apply sleep science foundations in the newborn stage
  • Instructional videos with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Registered Nurse
  • An informative downloadable and printable eBook



Everything you need to know about antenatal hand expression, storage, and how to feed colostrum to your baby (in case you need to supplement). PLUS all the supplies you need shipped right to your door.

This course will help you:

  • Build an ample milk supply
  • Avoid having to supplement with formula
  • Establish breastfeeding with less stress


Looking for a virtual group class?

Our Registered Nurses across North America hold live, online workshops on a variety of topics, including prenatal education, breastfeeding, starting solids and CPR. Find a class that meets your needs and works for your schedule!
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