AMANDA’s Seminars and COURSES


39$ CAD

Saturday October 1st at 1:30 – 3:00pm PST

(recording will be available)

This is a great place to start laying a foundation for your little one and learning more about baby sleep! (this is not an individual plan, it is a group webinar setting)

  • Sleep Environment
  • Bedtime and Bedtime routines
  • Sleep Associations
  • Overview of Different Methods to Independent Sleep (No specific plan, a review)
  • Night Feedings and Day Feedings
  • Nap Time Prep and Navigation
  • Short Naps

Recorded Webinar available for 30 days + Baby Tips  E Book


39$ CAD

Saturday October 8th at 1:30 – 3:00pm PST

(recording will be available)

Maybe you had a great sleeper and things have started to slip in the toddler years or maybe your child has always had some issues surrounding sleep and you are hoping to make some changes! Either way, this is a great place to start gain some knowledge, insights and tips and tricks to implement today for your tiny toddler!

1) Regressions – 18 Month and 2 yr Sleep Regressions

2) Bedtime Battles – The power struggle, requests and toddler behavior

3) Dropping Nap – 2 – 1 Nap Transition and the dreaded 1 to NONE Nap transition

4) Switching to a Bed – When, How, tips and strategies to have them stay in it!

5) Fears – How to handle fears at bedtime and nightmares

Q + A

The recording will be sent out and available for 30 days post session to view when you can! You will also receive our Parenting Support E-Book!!


49$ CAD

Wednesday October 12th 4:30 – 6:30pm PST

(recording will be available)

Are you looking to Start Solids safely!!? — I know that as an RN and CPR instructor this is one of the biggest concerns around starting solids. We want to understand the process of solids introductions (the methods of introduction) alongside understanding how to handle the possibility of choking, CPR and allergens! This class is a ONE stop shop.

1) When to introduce Solids – looking for signs of readiness

2) How to introduce solids – Discussion of methods – BLW, Purees and combo feeding – which foods should we start with and how.

3) Introducing Allergens and what to look for – How can we help and what are the most common signs and symptoms to look for

4) Choking and Gagging – When to intervene and how

5) Providing CPR and lifesaving measures – the chain of response

6) Elimination – focusing on the output and preventing constipation in order to avoid potty issues down the road

You will receive our EXTENSIVE E-Book on feeding as well as CPR to help prepare you even MORE for the process of solids!


85$ CAD

Tuesday October 25th 5:00 – 6:30pm PST

(recording will be available)

The best way to prepare for feeding is to gain some knowledge to make informed choices once your baby arrives!

This is a 90 Min Class for expecting parents that will cover:

– Understanding breastfeeding anatomy

– Milk production

– Colostrum vs Breastmilk

– Feeding cues

– What to expect in the early days (what is normal)

– Effective latch and feeding – what this looks and feels like

– Breast Care

– Bottlefeeding and Supplementation

– Pumping and pumping supplies

Includes an E-Book With details on everything discussed during our time together to reference down the road. + An Antenatal Hand Expression kit — Amanda will contact you prior to the seminar to send along an antenatal hand expression kit!

Will be recorded and available for viewing for 30 days!!


39$ CAD

Wednesday October 26th 5:00 – 6:30pm PST

(recording will be available)

Newborn Babies definitely DO not come with a manual — this period can be so precious but at the same time overwhelming and definitely EXHAUSTING!!! –Lets learn all about newborn sleep patterns, how you can help and also what is normal for this stage.

This class is appropriate for 0 – 10 weeks of age. I know that many of you will have babies with you so this session will be recorded and available for viewing for 30 days post seminar.

Lets learn together..

1) Common Feeding Challenges- The FIRST thing we need to look at before we dive in to sleep.

2) The Science of Newborn Sleep – Lets get to know your baby

3) Overtired, undertired and awake windows

4) Introducing a Bedtime Routine

5) Bassinet/Crib Sleep – What does it look like to fall asleep for a newborn!?

6) Cosleeping and safety

7) FAQ’s on baby products – Pacifiers? Swaddles? THE SNOO? White Noise?

Time for some Q and A – Lets learn together!!

You will receive a follow up E-Book as well for keeps and reference for your little one!