AMANDA’s Seminars and COURSES


45$ CAD

Sunday January 8th 10am – 12pm PST

Recording Sent After and available for viewing for 30 days

This is perfect if you are between 4 – 6 months of age and are wondering…

When to get started?

How to get started?

What are some options?

What about allergens and safety!?

We will learn about:

– The signs of readiness for your baby

- How does it impact milk intake?

– How to get started!

– Baby-Led Weaning Approach

– Puree Approach

– First foods

– Food Allergens

– Common Concerns and Questions about what to expect!

You will receive our 65 Page Comprehensive Guide on starting solids with your baby


35$ CAD

Sunday January 15th 10am – 11:30am PST

Recording available for viewing for 30 days post seminar

This is a great place to start laying a foundation for your little one and learning more about baby sleep! (this is not an individual plan, it is a group webinar setting)

  • Sleep Environment
  • Bedtime and Bedtime routines
  • Sleep Associations
  • Overview of Different Methods to Independent Sleep (No specific plan, a review)
  • Night Feedings and Day Feedings
  • Nap Time Prep and Navigation
  • Short Naps

Recorded Webinar available for 30 days + Baby Tips  E Book


35$ CAD

Sunday January 22nd 1:00 – 2:30 PST

Recording available for viewing for 30 Days

Maybe you had a great sleeper and things have started to slip in the toddler years or maybe your child has always had some issues surrounding sleep and you are hoping to make some changes! Either way, this is a great place to start gain some knowledge, insights and tips and tricks to implement today for your tiny toddler!

1) Regressions – 18 Month and 2 yr Sleep Regressions

2) Bedtime Battles – The power struggle, requests and toddler behavior

3) Dropping Nap – 2 – 1 Nap Transition and the dreaded 1 to NONE Nap transition

4) Switching to a Bed – When, How, tips and strategies to have them stay in it!

5) Fears – How to handle fears at bedtime and nightmares

Q + A

The recording will be sent out and available for 30 days post session to view when you can! You will also receive our Parenting Support E-Book!!


75$ CAD

Sunday January 29th 1:00 – 3:00 PST

Recording available for viewing for 30 Days

During this webinar we will learn about:

1) The Anatomy of our digestive system and red flags to look for!

2) Signs of Readiness – how do you know your little one is ready!? Check this list!

3) Methods – A Child Led Method

4) A Parent Led Method

5) How to decide the best fit for you! – we will discuss pros and cons to these methods as well as the implementation so you can start as soon as they are ready!

4) FAQ and Trouble Shooting

You will receive the recording following the seminar for you to view for 30 days as reference but most importantly you will receive the Guide Book – Our Handbook of BOTH methods so you can follow along a step by step guide as you implement!