Day 7: Mama swag

Mama* – What’s in a Word?

MAMA has come to be one of the most powerful words I know!  It represents a group of women who carry babies in their arms, in their hearts, and for many of us, both of these places.  Mamas are fierce, strong, warriors who not just create life, but also provide a passage for life to transition into the outside world.  Whether our babies were birthed through our vaginas, or–as in my case–our tummies, it is truly an epic journey. One that is rewarded with the chance to hold, smell, see, kiss and love your perfect creation.  We also honour all of the Mamas who hold babies in their arms that came to them through the privilege of adoption and/or fostering – these warrior Mamas should be celebrated every darn day for babies that grew not under their hearts, but IN them. 


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The transition into Mama-hood is remarkable, overwhelming, enlightening, scary and all consuming.  All of a sudden you are no longer a one-woman, care-free, book-a-last-minute-trip, sleep-in-on-the-weekend (or sleep ever) kind of show.  In one single moment, you are completely consumed by the incredible responsibility to care and provide for another human being(s). WOW! This is a huge weight to carry, and yet we do it with such grace.

What I also know to be true, after my nearly seven years of being a part of this amazing group, is that we were not meant to do it alone.  Whether it’s leaning on the support of family nearby, or choosing to do life with your friends, we all need a circle of people around us helping us to be better.  My husband and I are from Calgary – nearly 8 hours by car from our current city of residence. We don’t have the luxury of family close by and are so grateful to all of our friends for surrounding us and making our lives that much richer!  

Dr. Jody Carrington founded the (Re)Connection Revolution.  I had the pleasure of hearing her speak not too long ago in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, and was completely inspired by her words of wisdom.  Dr. Carrington talks about the power of emotional connection and how we are all wired for it. Connection is completely necessary for our children, as much as it is for us as Mamas and caregivers.  That it takes a village to raise a child, and what an honour it is to be able to support other parents in helping raise their babies. I adore this quote Dr. Carrignton highlighted by Hilary Clinton, “There’s no such thing as other people’s children.”  

Together we are better and we are so excited to be partnering with an amazing Mama and past Mama Coach client, @catvonle Enter to win by clicking below, and tag your Mama tribe to let them know what a blessing it is to be doing life side by side! Check out her site here!

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*Please note:  This is an article written with the word “Mama” which could easily be substituted for “Papa”, “Auntie”, “Uncle”, “Grandma/pa” and is no way meant to exclude any of the amazing caregivers providing so beautifully for their families.  Thank you for doing what you do – we see you working so hard, and we appreciate each and every one of you!

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