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Building a Milk Supply if You’re Separated From Your Baby

This is a worst-case scenario. I hope it never happens to you! Moms and babies were meant to be together and it’s important to talk to your health care provider about what the plan would be if you were to be ill with COVID-19 while giving birth. Would you stay with your baby?

As far as we know, it’s safe to keep breastfeeding and important that you too! If you were to be separated, the biggest thing you can do is set up an ample milk supply. This is important for mamas who are together with their babies postpartum too but are having some struggles getting baby to latch.

Stimulation is key.

Nursing is optimal within the first hour of birth, but if you are separated or if your baby isn’t interested, the combination of hand expression and pumping is ideal!
Doing both brings the best outcomes when we look at milk supply in mamas who have done both.

We have built a free downloadable guide on how to build a milk supply using hand expression and pumping. The link is in my bio! Please download it and reference it if you need it.

We also do one on one virtual feeding sessions. We know your hospital stay will be shorter than usual because wolf COVID-19, and we can help you get breastfeeding going virtually.

Sending so much love your way, mamas❤️

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