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Breastfeeding Hacks to Make Nursing Easier

Breastfeeding. Something we often think about as so natural and beautiful. Which yes that may be true but it’s not always that easy and simple. Breastfeeding also comes with a lot of hard work, time, energy, sweat and tears. So, when there’s advice, tips and tricks to making breastfeeding any easier we love to share them! Today I’m sharing 3 breastfeeding Hacks to Make Nursing Easier.

Breastfeeding Hacks to Make Nursing Easier

3 Breastfeeding Hacks to Make Nursing Easier:

1. Set up a nursing station and make sure you are comfy-You are going to be spending a ton of time sitting so set up an area where you plan to breastfeed. Start by making sure your chair is comfortable with enough back support. You also may want to have an ottoman or stool to let your legs rest. It’s a great idea to have a side table next to you too. If it has drawers even better because then you have extra storage for all of your breastfeeding essentials. You will also want some sort of lighting. When you are up nursing in the middle of the night it’s nice to have a lamp that’s not super bright but provides enough lighting while you are feeding and changing your little one. Now think of all the essentials you would want to have close by you as you are nursing. A water bottle, snacks, pen and notepad, phone charger, nipple cream, breast pads, washcloth, burp cloth, and nursing pillow are some that would be at the top of our list. Invest in comfort. I cannot say it enough. You are going to be spending a ton of time breastfeeding and/or pumping so make sure you are extra comfortable.

One of the best breastfeeding investments is a great nursing pillow. When I had my first baby my husband gifted me a Choto Baby-Posh & Plush Nursing Pillow. Even though I knew it was the sweetest gesture, I thought my husband was a little crazy for investing in a nursing pillow. We had a small pillow at home that a family member had lent us, so I thought we had that covered. Well, let me tell you. The new breastfeeding pillow was amazing! Comfort is key when it comes to feeding and whether you are breastfeeding, pumping or bottle feeding you need to be comfortable. And a nursing pillow can help create that support and comfort. They are not one-size-fits-all so you may have to try some to know what works best for you and your babe. Nook, Ergobaby, Perlimpinpin, and Beaba are a few more brands that carry great nursing pillows. And if you prefer to breastfeed without a pillow that’s okay too! Just know that it can be an effective tool to increase your comfort and positioning while you are breastfeeding or pumping.

2. The Double Shirt Method- As women we should no longer have to feel self-conscious to breastfeed in public, but I often found I was more relaxed and able to have a faster let down when I felt comfortable and confident feeding out and about. Wearing a light tank under another tank top or regular shirt gives you a little more comfort without having to show off your tummy and back while feeding. Using this method makes it so you literally only have to lift up one shirt to nurse, and still gives you enough coverage that you may not even need or want to use a nursing cover. And eliminates the need to purchase too many nursing tanks.

3. Power Pumping- Honestly, it’s a game-changer for breastfeeding! Power Pumping essentially mimics your baby having a growth spurt and triggers your body to make more milk. This is a solution to help maintain and build up supply while we figure out why your supply is low. It also saves you a ton of time pumping during the day as you can do this while your littles are in bed and you have your feet up relaxing. Power pumping a few times is usually enough to boost your supply back to baseline. If you have any further questions about power pumping talk to a local Mama Coach in your area!

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