10 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Nursing Mama Needs

Choosing to breastfeed your child is an amazing choice – its sets them up with the best foundations in
life as far as nutrition goes. That being said breastfeeding also has its challenges so I have put together a
breastfeeding essentials list. These are some things that I found extremely helpful so if you’re still
working on your baby registry put these must-haves to your list so you can hit the ground running when
you get home from the hospital.

Breastfeeding pillow

There is a reason this is the number 1 item on every mama’s baby registry! A nursing pillow
is extremely helpful. It can help position the baby, lift the baby higher and keep moms back
from getting hurt while trying to hold baby. My breast friend nursing pillow is AMAZING! It
has the perfect wrap-around design with adjustable strap to keep it from sliding and an
extra bonus of a pocket for a water bottle or to keep your phone within reach.

Nipple cream

Sore, cracked and bleeding nipples can be short-term side effects until you and your little
one master the perfect latch. So protect yourself with a nipple balm that soothes and
applies easily. Lanolin provides soothing relief it is hypoallergenic and completely natural
and free from chemicals. The best part is that it does not need to be removed prior to
breastfeeding so it can be used all day any time.

Nursing cover

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but for the mama’s who want to keep things a little more
private, nursing covers are a great option. What I didn’t realize before breastfeeding is how
many hands I would need and I just couldn’t figure out how to hold open the cover to see
what we were doing. The Bebe au Lait nursing cover has that problem solved with a top
edge that can be shaped and stays open hands-free.

Nipple pads

One of the unfortunate side effects of breastfeeding is having leaking boobs. Don’t worry –
its normal! It can be a bit embarrassing but having plenty of nursing pads handy to place
inside your bra is like a security blankey for heading out of the house. I preferred the Nuk
thin nursing pads for a more discreet look.

Breast Pump

If you need to relieve engorged breasts, or are stashing milk for a night feed, you’ll need a breast
pump. Whether you opt for a hand pump (cheaper) or go for an electric version (quicker), it’s a
useful item for your breastfeeding kit. I vote for quick with the Medela Pump In Style Double
Electric Breastpump In the first few weeks if you have to pump after every feed to help with
milk supply you’ll save over 2 hours.

Milk storage bags

Let’s continue to save time and dirtying bottles and use the Medela’s pump & save breast
milk bags. They are perfect to pump directly into the bag straight from the pump. I found
freezing them on the side and flat made the long term freezer storage easier and saved so
much space in the freezer. Don’t forget to date each bag!

A good nursing bra

Emphasises on the GOOD! There is a lot of leaking which required a lot of washing. My
favorite after multiple different bras ended up being the Bravado nursing bra for pure
comfort. They deliver amazing support without an underwire and the best part of Bravado is
that they literally have a bra to fit anyone, they sizes from 32B to 44 M.

Burp cloths

Let’s be honest, baby’s going to spit up. Again let’s save shirts and time on laundry here
people and get burp cloths. Aden by Aden + anais Burpy bib has just the right curve in it to
fit on the shoulder.

Breastfeeding app

As the days and nights go on it’s impossible to remember how long the feed was, when the
last feed happened even which side baby fed off last. We always have our phones with us
and a breastfeeding app is essential until breastfeeding has been established and baby is
gaining weight. Take a look at the free apps available for your operating system and bonus
points to the apps that can keep track of dirty diapers too.


Motherhood can be challenging but to have some support in your corner can allow you to
do some pretty amazing things. Breastfeeding can be difficult and the long nights are
exhausting so look to your partner, family, friends or anyone who can give you helpful tips
to make it a bit easier. Remember – YOU GOT THIS MAMA! And your Mama Coach is here to
help! I am always here to answer questions so please reach out!

Check out the Mama Coach packages and know that we’re here to help make motherhood easier.
Contact me here and we can set up a free 15 minute call to talk about your little one



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