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Day 2: The Solution for Daysleep When Working on Your Baby’s Nights

Your baby is 4 months old and you find yourself googling “four-month sleep regression”, “how to solve the four-month sleep regression”, and you may even wonder if this is just your new life now. Maybe you just never will sleep more than 90 minutes at a time and you’ll adjust?

Those thoughts can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and even frantic. Sleep deprivation is no joke. As Mama Coaches, we are committed to helping you and your babe gets the needed rest, while ensuring it is developmentally appropriate and as stress-free as possible. Read on to see how we may have the solution for daysleep when working on your baby’s nights.

Maybe you have decided you are going to help your baby learn some sleep skills. Good for you, mama. But we want to mention the one really important fact.


In your google searches, we are sure you have come across many different “methods’ for teaching sleep. If you had a dollar for every time you read the word “consistent” you could pay someone to teach your baby while you vacation in the south of France.

Consistency does matter in the sense that you should choose a method that you feel great about, and that is both conducive to your baby’s feeding patterns and circadian rhythm (as mama coaches, we assess this for you). What consistency DOESN’T MEAN is that you have to come out of the sleep teaching gates hot, and work on days and nights all at once.

We have helped thousands of families find sleep at The Mama Coach and we can tell you that method can be overwhelming and frankly kind of stressful. Yes, it can work for some, but it isn’t the only way.

Instead, why don’t you focus on the golden ticket?

BEDTIME! Help your baby find sleep skills at bedtime and watch things fall into place. If you are struggling with naps all day long your baby is going to end up overtired for bedtime. As humans, when we are overtired our bodies compensate by spending more time in light REM sleep. This makes it harder for us to fall asleep (even though we are exhausted) and causes more wake-ups. For babies, this means way too much crying at bedtime and lots of wake up and tears throughout the night. This will stall your success when trying to help your sweet babe figure out bedtime.

The solution? Let your baby nap in the day in a way that comes easier for her. Take her for a walk in the stroller, grab a Starbucks and let her nap in the car seat, or put her in a carrier. If you are napping her on the go, for safety reasons, always stay with her and watch your baby. A carrier allows you to care for your older babies, make dinner, and have your hands free. Your baby feels secure and will likely have a long nap and wake up rested and not overtired. This allows you to practice bedtime with a rested baby which will decrease the tears and allow things to fall into place faster.

We are so pumped to be giving away one of our favourite carriers, the boba carrier! The boba X carrier can be used from 7-45lbs, it can grow with your baby and is so comfortable and easy to use. It’s a great solution for Daysleep When Working on Your Baby’s Nights.

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