Best Positions to Breastfeed When You Have Large Breasts

If you have large breasts prior to pregnancy you may be feeling a little nervous about breastfeeding especially as they continue grow and change throughout pregnancy and the first few weeks postpartum. It can be a bit of a challenge to find a comfortable position for breastfeeding especially with a little newborn. It is often hard to ensure your baby’s latch is correct and it may feel like you need more hands than the two you have! A lot of mamas with larger breasts are also concerned about blocking your new babies nose during feeding.

All of these concerns are normal and something we see so frequently as Lactation Consultants and Counsellors! Knowledge and support are important to getting things off to a great start so here are a couple tips and positions to try with your new baby.

  1. C-Hold – The C-Hold is using your hand to create a C shape in a cross cradle or football hold position and supporting your breast around the areola to create a ledge for your baby to latch on. The trick here is with large breasts and a smaller newborn baby you may have to keep your hand here for the entire feeding. This allows baby to maintain a proper later without the weight of the breast pulling the areola out of the babies mouth and ending with only a latch on the nipple and possible painful feedings or damaging nipples.
  2. Towel or Pillow support – You may need to roll up a towel and place it under your breast to elevate and support the weight of your breast. The rolled up towel is great for a cross cradle position. You could also use your nursing pillow higher up around your waste to actually prop up your breast on and lay your baby across the pillow.
  3. Football hold – this is the hold where baby is tucked under your arm like a football and he or she is facing you! I find this hold is often helpful as it typically allows more control over your babies head and neck and you can see your babies nose so you aren’t as concerned about whether they are able to breath. It is also useful to use pillows to support your baby alongside you.
  4. Foot Stools – using a nursing chair with a footstool to raise up your knees may be helpful for proper positioning of weight and pillows to support your baby!

SUPPORT is the most important aspect in this journey! Supporting yourself, supporting your baby and getting that proper positioning is going to be so helpful! If you need some guidance on how to get your baby latching with a large breast reach out to your local Mama Coach!

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