Keeping Baby Cool when the Temperatures Soar

Southern Ontario can get pretty darn hot in the summer time! The humidity was something I did not miss when we lived in Calgary. But since we moved back to Niagara, keeping cool is a big priority in the summer!

Your baby will have a harder time sweating, and sweating is how you cool yourself down.
Here are some tips to keeping your baby cool in the summer without having to hide inside all day!

Keep Hydrated

Your baby may want to feed more frequently, but for shorter durations. This is ok since he may become uncomfortable and hot with extended feedings. Making sure your baby is staying hydrated is important so watch those wet diapers. Use a cool cloth between you both during a feed to keep from over heating, or try the side-lying position to allow you both some breathing space.

Make sure you drink lots of water too! With more frequent feedings you need to stay hydrated last well.
Newborn babies do not need to drink water – breastmilk or formula is all they need.

Stay in the Shade

Stay in the shade as much as possible when enjoying a day outside, and consider avoiding going outside when it’s hottest, usually between 11am and 3pm especially on those really hot and humid days. Using umbrellas or sun shelters are great if a shady tree isn’t available.

Do not cover your baby if they are in the stroller or car seat. A study done in Sweden has shown that if you completely cover your baby while in a carseat or stroller even with a light muslin blanket, baby can potentially overheat and or suffocate. If you do toss a light blanket over your carseat or stroller to provide shade, make sure there is good air circulation and check on your baby frequently for signs of overheating.

Keep an eye on your little one for signs of overheating when your out on those hot days. Signs such as sweating, increase in thirst, baby is warm to the touch, or general lack of energy, take your baby inside right away to cool them down. If they do not perk up, they should be assessed by a physician immediately.

Protect Baby’s Skin

Babies burn much more easily then adults, even on those ‘grey days’. Most sunscreens are not meant for babies under 6 months, except in very small doses (like putting some on your little ones nose, cheeks, and ears). If you do use a sunscreen, make sure it is ‘sensitive’ or ‘for baby’. I’m a personal fan of the Badger and Live Clean brands of baby sunscreen.

Dress your baby in light fabrics and light colours. If you’re in shorts and a tee-shirt, your baby should be ok in the same. However, as above, if your baby is under 6 months, using a longer sleeved top and pants to keep their skin covered may be best, but make sure they’re light breathable fabrics like cotton. And take advantage of some fun hats to keep your baby’s head protected – especially for those little ones born with not a lot of hair.


Bedtime during the summer can be a challenge with the longer days and summer heat. Keeping the baby’s room blinds closed during the day can help keep the room cool. A cool bath before bed can be comforting as well. Dress baby as lightly as possible for bed – a light sleeper or a sleep sack and diaper can help keep baby from getting hot and uncomfortable at night. You can also use a fan to help cool the room as long as it is not pointed directly at baby – also a great idea for white noise to help baby sleep! But don’t feel you need to crank the AC too high – Ideal temp for baby’s room is 20 – 22 degrees.

What are your tips to keeping baby cool in the summer?

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