Beat the heat with your baby this summer!


It’s June and we’ve already had some sweltering heat. Some of us love it, but it can be stressful for mamas trying to keep their little ones cool. Babies can’t regulate their temperatures as easily as adults  nor can they tell us they are too warm. Here are some tips to keep your baby cool during these summer months.

1.       Often babies rooms are so warm in the summer. If air conditioning isn’t an option, bring a fan in and turn it on high facing a corner of the room. It also works for white noise!

2.       It might temporarily disrupt the beauty of your nursery, but hang a heat absorbing blanket over the window. The tinfoil looking ones that marathon runners put on post run. It will help keep the heat out.


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3.       Make a cool bath part of your nightly routine before bed. Two baths a day won’t hurt either. Don’t use soap, just let her play and cool off mid-day.




4.       Keep her cool with light jammies. I recommend KicKee Pants. They are made with Viscose from Bamboo and spandex, feel so soft and your baby won’t overheat in them. Adults often find it difficult to sleep without a blanket or something covering them, and although you might think you baby is most comfortable in only a diaper in the heat, having a soft layer against their skin, like KicKee Pants is calming and will help your baby sleep soundly, without overheating.



5.       Put away the winter flannel and use a bamboo crib sheet. The same material as their jammies, KicKee Pants makes a sheet so soft and light they help keep your baby feeling cool throughout the night.




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6.    An infant doesn’t need water in the heat. Breastmilk or formula is enough! Offer your baby milk frequently throughout the day. For a baby over six months, fill popsicle molds with breastmilk or formula and freeze. Put them in a mesh teether and let your baby enjoy the cold. Perfect for teething babes too!


7.    Head to the mall for a daytime stroll on really hot days. Buy yourself an iced coffee and let your little one nap in the stroller and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

If you just can’t get your baby’s room cool enough for sleep, set up camp downstairs where it is cooler. Set up the playpen and if the whole family is sleeping down there, I would encourage you to keep his bedtime routine the same, make sure it is dark and bring the white noise too. Don’t change the rules because your babe is in a new environment. You may have to reassure him a few times because he’s in a different place then he usually sleeps but I wouldn’t introduce or reintroduce sleep props. Then when the heat wave subsides and you all return to your bedrooms you won’t have new sleep issues to resolve!

Enjoy the Sunshine and as always let me know if I can help! Did you enjoy this post? Please share if you did!


Carrie Bruno RN, IBCLC, Infant Sleep Specialist


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