Amanda Pare the Mama Coach Interview – Part 2 of 2

Talking to your kids about COVID-19 is very important! Check in with them to see how they are feeling about what they may have heard or what they may be watching. Use this as a teaching moment!

Make sure you provide them with reassurance and some sort of daily routine as their entire routine just shifted from school, daycare, extracurricular activities and seeing friends to now being at home.

Find credible sources to get correct information. Turn off the tv or social media for a while if it is affecting them.

They still want to stay in touch with their friends so plan phone or FaceTime dates, and email.

To keep them safe:

    • Practice social distancing by staying home
    • Hand washing with soap and warm water for 20 seconds (sing some fun songs, physically show them what this looks like)
    • Cough and sneezing into Kleenex or elbows
    • Reach out for mental health support if your child is showing signs of anxiety
    • Clean surfaces frequently with appropriate cleaner for viruses, especially high traffic areas like counter tops, railings, door knobs, light switches, toilets etc.
    • Prepare food sanitarily
    • Wash bedding and clothing frequently
    • Sanitize toys daily

Stay informed by checking out Center for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization , Alberta Health Services, & Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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