Amanda Pare the Mama Coach Interview – Part 1 of 2

My interview with Prime Time Local News tonight, check it out!

Being pregnant in the middle of a global pandemic can bring out so many anxieties and can be very overwhelming to an expecting Mama.

You want to protect yourself and your fetus or new baby if you have delivered.

    • According to the CDC “it is important for pregnant women to protect themselves from COVID 19 just as the general public, we do not currently know if pregnant woman are at a greater risk than the general public of getting COVID-19. Pregnant women experience physiologic and immunologic changes in their bodies which can make them more susceptible to respiratory infections, including COVID-19”
    • Another thing moms are wanting to know if mom tests positive for COVID-19, can she pass this to her fetus or newborn? Based on the information to date, there is only a small amount of moms and babies that were tested. But the answer was no, these babies tested negative, the amniotic fluid and breast milk tested negative!
      If you are a Mama and breastfeeding your baby and you are having symptoms or are confirmed positive, you are to keep breastfeeding your baby. But keep in mind that the virus spreads via respiratory droplets
    • Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds
    • Wear a mask to help prevent droplets
    • Cough or sneeze into Kleenex or elbow, changing your clothes and hand washing before touching baby
    • If you are to sick, have a family member feed baby expressed or pumped breast milk, taking extra precautions to sterilize all pump parts and bottles after use.
    • Another thing to consider is limiting visitors or no visitors for the time being when your new baby arrives. Remember even with the common cold someone shouldn’t be holding your new baby!

Take every precaution and stay safe

In the mean time I am providing virtual visits if you are needing prenatal education, breastfeeding help or sleep help. Even if you need questions answered I am here to help!


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